It’s been almost 60 years since Korea was under Japanese colonial rule, but lingering tensions still exist between the two peoples. Just look at the recent animosity many Koreans felt toward Japanese American skater Apolo Anton Ohno during this year’s Olympic games for an example. Being Korean, I understand why many of my countrymen and women still harbor strong feelings against their Japanese neighbors. After all, Japan has yet to fully acknowledge and apologize for many of its past injustices against Korea such as the “comfort women” a.k.a. sex slaves for the Japanese military. But if it’s any small consolation, there is apparently one area where Koreans kick Japanese ass: in being beautiful.

According to a survey of over 70,000 members of the dating website Beautifulpeople.com, Koreans are considered to be more attractive then their Japanese counterparts.

Here’s what Greg Hodge, Managing Director of the dating site had to say: “Korean men have an acceptance rate to BeautifulPeople.com of 18% compared to 15% for Japanese men. Korean women have an acceptance rate of 29% compared to 28% of Japanese women. The Korean people are known for their physical beauty. Korea also has the highest rate of plastic surgery in the world, which shows the younger Korean generation’s obsession with beauty.”

So OK, maybe not all that Korean beauty is natural, but it’s obviously good enough for Beautifulpeople.com which launched a Korean language version of its site yesterday. And what makes Beautifulpeople.com such an expert on, well, beautiful people? Unlike the other more “democratic” dating sites, Beautifulpeople.com has a strict “no ugly people” policy.

To be accepted, applicants must post their photo and a brief profile. Then, members vote on whether the applicant gets in or not based on how hot they are. If you want proof that they take their beauty seriously, consider this: last January, they expelled 5,000 members for putting on too much weight over the holidays. The best description of the site is probably from its founder Robert Hintze:

“BeautifulPeople.com is governed by the universal principle that every human being wants to be with someone they find attractive. By only allowing beautiful people through the doors, we remove the first hurdle. Other sites are jungles of hippos and wart hogs. We are a game reserve of leopards and gazelles.”

Hmm, I wonder if Mr. Hintze knows leopards have been known to eat gazelles? He was probably too busy being beautiful to look that up. But anyway, while I’m always proud of any accomplishment earned by my fellow Koreans, in this case, I’d like to go on the record to say that I’m remaining neutral. I think both Koreans and Japanese are equally beautiful and to have to pick one over the other, well, it’s like Sophie’s Choice.

Team Korea:

Or Team Japan: 

Like I said, Sophie’s Choice. Ain’t gonna do it.


  1. 29% vs 28%… LOL Um… really?

  2. Yes, but where are the FILIPINOS in all this?

  3. I was trying to decide between the 4 pictures… started making a mental list of pros and… uh, more pros. But then I forgot what I was doing and had to start over.

  4. This blog post lacks women like Honey Lee and Kana Tsuighara? No women of SNSD? hahaha.

  5. i can’t decide which one of them is the breast

  6. Well, the statistics are false as other countries have higher rates of plastic surgery. I will not name them, but you can do your own research to find out.

    The attractive Japanese women have a doll-like or elegant beauty, but Korean women have more of a sweet warmth and passion. Every country is capable of producing beautiful women, but some have a lot more due to culture and diet. That is why Latin women in Latin America tend to be hotter than those in the U.S. And why Japanese women in Latin America tend to be hotter than those in Japan. Just ship all baby girls off to Latin America or other “hot” countries and they will grow into hot women. Any place with a well-balanced diet and loving culture will produce hot people That’s why there are so many hot people in the Caribbean, Latin America, the Philippines, Korea, southern Europe, etc.

  7. Phil, while I agree that Koreans and Korean-Americans are some of the most beautiful people in the world (let’s not forget the men–like Daniel Henny), I don’t want to perpetuate the myth of Japan never apologizing.

    Just go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_war_apology_statements_issued_by_Japan
    to see the list of many, many ongoing public apologies. If you want to see the list that is specific just to Korea, link to this: http://www.japanprobe.com/2010/02/12/yet-another-japanese-apology-to-korea/
    (and yes, there are apologies that specifically mention comfort women).

  8. @Iris, to head it off before you get attacked by angry Koreans–while the Japanese government (and individual government officials) have offered various forms of apologies, a full and official acknowledgement/apology/redress on many of these issues including the comfort women. I also specifically bring this up to pay justice to the few surviving Korean comfort women who still come out on every Wednesday to protest in front of the Japanese consulate in Seoul. I was lucky to meet a couple of them when they came here to advocate for the passage of HRes121 (the comfort women resolution) and if anyone were to suggest to them that Japan has apologized and assumed responsibility for what was done to them, well, that would not be received well.

    But I do believe that there are many in Japan who are supportive of these efforts and as the articles you cite do make clear, the government is making strides towards this. This article from last week touches on many of this but as it also states issues like the comfort women have not been satisfactorily resolved:


  9. Oops, the first sentence for my comment above should read: “…to head it off before you get attacked by angry Koreans–while the Japanese government (and individual government officials) have offered various forms of apologies, a full and official acknowledgement/apology/redress on many of these issues including the comfort women has not been forthcoming.”

  10. Wow, Phil, you really like the Machine Girl, huh?

  11. MACHINE GIRL rocks! Minase’s my future ex-wife. She just doesn’t know it yet.

  12. everyone claim that women of his nation are the hottest and best..the author is following the crowd i guess and is running out of topics to write about..more talk on Korean girls tend to be insecure and look like 10 years kid would do you better

  13. Uh uh, buddy boy, not touching this with my 10′ pole. What…..what?

  14. Those statistics seem to say more definitively that Korean men are more beautiful than Japanese men…where are those pictures?

    And of course, Korean women are more beautiful…but then again, I’m biased.

  15. Two words: PLASTIC SURGERY.

    You are all being fooled. The Koreans are OBSESSED with plastic surgery. So many of them start when they’re young, and continue to do so. It is most apparently obvious when you go out to the golf course. All the Koreans cover themselves up with cloths and hide under their umbrellas so they don’t damage their perfectly formed plastic skin. The problem, they they did not realize, is that they still AGE the same way, but actually look worse because the plastic is all embedded into their faces and they no longer know what they would’ve looked like had they not done it.
    Sure there are beautiful people everywhere, but most of the Koreans’ beauty comes from tinkering. THAT is a FACT.

  16. GT,

    You are just a jealous troll that cannot accept that Korean people can be NATURALLY beautiful. Deal with it.

  17. It might be good enough if men can enjoy girls with current alike pretty faces.
    But I do not choose the girl who will have the baby of completely different face.
    The child will be shocked at the difference as she
    grows and here is a famous example.

  18. Ken,

    That woman was beautiful BEFORE she injected silicone into her face. That’s how she got so puffy looking.

  19. JStele,

    What? How come did she received plastic operation if she was beautiful??
    Do you know her original face???
    Here is a montage picture of average Chinese, Korean and Thai girl from statistics.
    I like Thai better than Korean, Chinese rather than Korean as I can tell which is which even if under caption cannot be understood.
    There is another montage picture below which includes Japanese girl, whom I prefer to Korean.

  20. Ken,

    I KNOW because I saw a documentary about her on Korean television. Just search her name in Korean. She injected HERSELF with silicone to create a more beautiful face. Yes, beautiful people do get plastic surgery, too. It’s called insecurity or body dysmorphic disorder. So stop ranting about what you DON’T KNOW and do some research. I know it makes people like you feel better to put others down, but you still look the same in the end.

    I don’t care what your preferences are. Just stop spreading misinformation about a country and people YOU DON’T KNOW.

  21. Correction: I don’t think it was silicone, but some oil that she injected into her face, but my argument still stands unlike people who mindlessly wish what they want to be true.

  22. If you do not care my preference, why don’t you leave me alone?

    “I know it makes people like you feel better to put others down,”?

    It is YOU that put others down.

  23. I dunno, that famous Korean woman with the big head is unforgettable and has a lot of character. It’s hard to have a big head without having a big head. An obsession to beauty is not as bad as an obsession to worshipping western men in lieu of men who look like your brother, dad and grandpa. I’ll take a plastic Korean babe with or w/o a big head over a fake Japanese babe who lack so much esteem that she has to marry down to feel good about herself despite coming from a wealthy country/not a 3rd world one. I guess when your country is bombed and they make the emperor surrender you have to subconsciously program yourself to sleep with the enemy and bare their children to survive status quo.

  24. I have read the blog by a Korean who says that it is hard to find a Korean girl of no plastic surgery now.
    Btw, what the hell kinds of relation do bomb or emperor have with beauty??

  25. have you not noticed the first korean girl has a very obvious fake face. I am a chinese, so my standing is neutral. no matter how beautiful a girl is, once she has gone through some plastic surgery, you will feel she is a bit ugly, even if she was not.

  26. I’m from sudamerica and I was doing a google search for Korean people, why? I think Koreans differentiate A LOT from their asian brother/sister nations in the “beauty” field. They’re really beautiful, their hair, their white clean skin, their fine face features, and body’s elegance. I really like them. Filipinos are stained by her latin roots making them too “sudamerican” (dark and ugly skin, “monkey” type of facial features, weaker body structure, etc), Chineses are just ugly (yellow/dark skin, grotesque skeletal structure, etc) and the Japaneses are an strange mix of all, UNFORTUNELY much more like a mix of chinese and filippino and just a little bit of Korean.

  27. Gerard, you’re an idiot.

    I’ve been in Korea, saw normal Korean people who are not celebrities and they are plain.Also, for some weird reason, they all have the same hair.

    Latinas are more pretty. I’ve been in Brazil… and there were a lot of pretty girls there.

  28. I’m staying neutral. There are of course beautiful and ugly people in every country. But for sure Koreans are the tallest and fairest skin people in Asia so that contributes to their overall beauty.
    Also overall country for most plastic surgery happens to be Japan. Percapita, its Hong Kong.

  29. gerard, you’re a freakin asshole. people with spanish roots are beautiful and filipinos don’t look like monkeys. Filipinos are beautiful since they’re mixed and they have diverse looks. they can pass for east asian, hispanic, arab mixed, pure malay and even some for half white.

    btw, chinese people are beautiful too.

    all races are equal and each race/country has its own beauties and uglies.

  30. Gerard – 11/23/2010 at 11:53 am
    I’m from sudamerica and I was doing a google search for Korean people, why? I think Koreans differentiate A LOT from their asian brother/sister nations in the “beauty” field. They’re really beautiful, their hair, their white clean skin, their fine face features, and body’s elegance. I really like them. Filipinos are stained by her latin roots making them too “sudamerican” (dark and ugly skin, “monkey” type of facial features, weaker body structure, etc), Chineses are just ugly (yellow/dark skin, grotesque skeletal structure, etc) and the Japaneses are an strange mix of all, UNFORTUNELY much more like a mix of chinese and filippino and just a little bit of Korean.

  31. Gerard – 11/23/2010 at 11:53 am
    I’m from sudamerica and I was doing a google search for Korean people, why? I think Koreans differentiate A LOT from their asian brother/sister nations in the “beauty” field. They’re really beautiful, their hair, their white clean skin, their fine face features, and body’s elegance. I really like them. Filipinos are stained by her latin roots making them too “sudamerican” (dark and ugly skin, “monkey” type of facial features, weaker body structure, etc), Chineses are just ugly (yellow/dark skin, grotesque skeletal structure, etc) and the Japaneses are an strange mix of all, UNFORTUNELY much more like a mix of chinese and filippino and just a little bit of Korean.

    -Ok, Gerard, did somebody pay you to INSULT US?

    Well, even if you won’t read my post, I’ll say this to insecure people like you, NEVER CALL US FILIPINOS, MONKEYS. NEVER. Karma is a bitch, I’m telling you.

    I’m sorry if you think beautiful is a PLASTIC FANTASTIC FACE that need to go through A LOT OF PAIN AND MEDICAL HELP, to be beautiful. Say, if there was no science, what will become of them, now? Just try to IMAGINE.

    Filipinos, we may not come from a rich nation and not a PLASTIC SURGERY obsessed people, BUT WE ARE AT PAR TO THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. You, calling us TAINTED by our Latin Roots, well, who, may I ask are those who win Beauty Pageants? Is it the Koreans? NO! It’s the Latinas and Asians- particularly, SE Asians. So back off.

    Advice: I suggest you look at our Beauty Pageant records- Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss World. And see for yourself.

    So, excuse me for my rude language BUT YOU STARTED IT. You shouldn’t have called us monkeys.

  32. Japanese on both pictures.
    This is such an ignorant thing to claim and apparently over sixty percent of korean women have had plastic surgery so of course theres gunna be alot of hot koreans.

  33. So what is they have plastic surgery? They get prettier and prettier and thats a GOOD thing, Japanese can be pretty as well but you how come surgery is so important! If they want to be beautiful, let them be!
    Why do people keep insulting, OBSESSED PLASTIC SURGERY!!! Not true. You think that they had plastic surgery just because they’re pretty!!!

  34. personaly i prefer japanese to koreans although koreans are kinda cute also examples of hot japanese guys RYOSUKE YAMADA RYO MIYAICHI YURI CHINEN all of hey say jump guys and the list goes on but every one has their own preferences also jmusic and anime is awsome

  35. Gerald, you are a moron.
    But those are generalizing Korean women perhaps out of jealousy are morons too. Sure many Korean women do plastic surgery but so do Japanese, Taiwanese, Americans, Spanish, Brazilians even wealthy Chinese. Droves of Chinese and Japanese women come to South Korea each year for this which inflates the numbers in S. Korea. Please morons do some research.
    This whole article is plain stupid.
    But I do agree with whoever said, Koreans are generally the tallest and fairest skinned Asians which contributes to the image of beauty in the world. And they have the most smoothest skins, I ‘ve dated many white, latinas, Asian women.
    As for guys, I noticed Koreans guys are generally taller and buffer than other Asians.

  36. the koreans are more like plastic because they love or i mean obssesed with plastic surgery unlike to japanese they don’t really obssesed with plastic surgery because their beauty are natural. as you can see only the korean singers are beautifuls unlike the normal students.

  37. Plastic surgeries in korea are only allowed when you become adults. There are a lot of people saying that koreans are ugly but they should seriously open their eyes. A lot of korean teenagers are very pretty and good-looking. Korean kids these days are very cute. If you look up on kpop singers especially young singers who aren’t even adults, they are all good-looking as well. They didn’t do any surgeries. They aren’t allowed.

  38. Japanese girls are natural beauties, whenever i see korean girls there’s something hehehe like double eyelids surgeries, lots of obsessions about physical appearance. they scare the hell out of me. however korean men look way more beautiful than korean women. anyway just my opinion no offense.

  39. I agree Korean chics are good looking… But plastic surgery???? Thats cheating….. I heard it before… People who are insecure about their looks usually go for plastic surgery

  40. Damn, Im handsome…… What is with this shitty debate, there are beautiful babes everywhere….ugly ones too…. Who cares anyways…. Man, this is a topic where no one will be the winner…..different people, different opinion….thats it!!! So dont trip fellas…. Keep the love….. I know Japanese!! Woo hoo…. Let’s talk Japanese? Anyone?

  41. Photos here are almost fake. You, Americans and Korean don’t know Japanese women. Japan is completely isolated even from China and Korea. We never cared of Korea.The way of classifying Asia is wrong. Japan has samurai spirit which is a bid similar with English gentry and Prussian yunker. Japanese women don’t care about being naked so, not wanting to wear swim suit. Very odd, indeed but this is apparent tendency.A Japanese girl from samurai origin is a princess. Princess don’t dress themselves.Servants dresses her.I am happy if this helps you to solve your inquisitiveness.

  42. Korean girls and Japanese girls are very pretty in their own ways. But there are pros and cons between these girls. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. Though it is all down to your own preference. I will mention them to you one by one:

    Pros: taller stature, better complexion, better bodies.
    Cons: too many surgeries, smaller eyes, flatter face.

    Pros: cuter face, bigger eyes, better fashion.
    Cons: shorter stature, shorter legs, crooked teeth.

  43. Koreans have surgeries more than Japanese, I have been to Korea and Japan. Most Japanese I have seen look like normal people with normal looks. Japanese people wear makeups and dress nicely, but they don’t have fake looks. They just look like they were supposed to be. While in Korea, I have seen a lot Koreans with fake reconstructed face. I got shocked, I have never seen such face while in Japan. They don’t look naturally like the Japanese.

  44. This is a joke, average Korean women don’t look like that, you are fooled. Sure, beautiful can be found everywhere but in Korea. Korean has some of its beauties, though not the best .
    The best beauties in Asia are mostly found in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Russia (Asia part), Pakistan, some in China, some in Indonesia, some in Philippines, and most of India.
    Countries in Asia with the ugliest women are Singapore, some in Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, some in China, Vietnam, some in Philippines, Korea, Mongolia, and Hong Kong. Countries with the most plain or almost ugly women are Japan and Thailand.
    When you found beautiful women in Japan and Thailand, only in small numbers. But the big numbers of the women in both countries I mentioned are either plain or plain ugly.
    These people on this site must check their eyesight. Japanese women are on average better looking than the average Korean women. Korea is fine, there are some of the pretty ones of course. But the best looking women in Korea are not full blooded Koreans. Unfortunately, most of the beautiful Koreans I have seen are altered with the plastic surgery.
    The main indicators of beauties according to the universal standards are: high defined cheekbones, somewhat large proportionate eyes, well defines jaw, well defined nose, fuller lips, and even forehead (not too big or too short). Then mathematics of the face goes along with it.
    Typical Korean features are: flat face, small and not proportionate eyes, flat cheekbones, less defined jaw, less defined nose, and plump cheeks. These features are main reasons why a lot Koreans go for plastic surgery, in order to have more defined features. South Korea has the highest rate of surgery in Asia, both men and women. Because typical Koreans have the least defined features among other Asian ethnic groups.
    The good representation of typical Korean face are Sandra Oh and Margaret Cho, I’m not even joking. They have the traits that most Koreans have. And most Koreans I have seen abroad and in Korea (if they don’t have surgery) do look like Sandra Oh and Margaret Cho.
    Not just any girls with the cheekbones look good, but also must be proportionate with other facial features. There are some women in other Asian countries with cheekbones but still ugly. For example: Laos, Cambodia, some in Philippines, some in China, Japan, Vietnam, etc. whose women have cheekbones but still look plain or ugly.
    Beauty with diversity like places in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Russia (Asian part), India, Pakistan, Xinjiang; Sichuan and Yunnan province of China, some parts of Philippines, and some parts of Indonesia creating unique types of beauty. If you walk down on the streets of Indian cities, Pakistan, cities in Russia, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Chengdu, cities in Sumatera and Western Java in Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Those women from those areas I mentioned above have the most beautiful women per-capita, not Korea.
    So the conclusion is, Korean women are not the most beautiful in Asia. Rather the best in Asia are India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan with the real and true beauty of Asia.

  45. And it is also a indisputable fact that Koreans have the smallest eyes, and flattest face among other Asian ethnic groups. If you walk down on the streets of Korea and seeing natural un-surgeried Korean face, you will see small eyes and flat faces. If I should say, Korean women are some of the plainest and the ugliest women in the whole Asia. The most beautiful women are once again in India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Russia.

  46. If you want to see the average faces of the women in Asian countries. I suggest you to walk on the streets and see the people there, then take a random shots of them. Celebrities are not good representation of the people from each countries. Because most celebrities are either photoshopped and alter with surgery, or caked on with makeup. Real representation of the average face can be seen from the people on the streets or publics. Average Koreans look nothing like celebrities or models, Korean celebrities are altered with surgeries or caked on with makeups. Don’t judge a Korean from the celebrities, they are not real Korean face.

  47. The guy who made the statement on this site, that Koreans look better than Japanese is an idiot. Koreans look worse than Japanese in my personal experience with some Koreans and Japanese. Average Japanese people look better than Koreans, although Japanese people still look quite ugly on average. Koreans only look beautiful after the surgery procedures. But if you see the Koreans without surgery, they look worse than that.
    The only truly good looking Asians are Indians, Pakistanis, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Russians, some Chinese minority ethnic groups, and Turkmenistans.

  48. Japanese people are maybe not very good looking on average. But at least, they don’t have much of the features that most Koreans have. Japanese people don’t have too much flat faces, and they have more pronounced features that Koreans. Japanese may lack the symmetrical harmony on their faces, but at least their symmetry of their faces are slightly ahead of that Koreans. Typical Korean faces are mostly infantile with less defined features. Koreans lack the symmetry and harmony on their face. Which caused them to have surgically altered, to gain more pronounced features. Sandra Oh and Margaret Cho totally lack pronounced features on their face, like most Koreans do.

  49. As for Chinese women, there are some areas in China who are good looking. But there are some areas who are mostly not good looking. Chinese women from Xinjiang, Yunnan, Chongqing, and Sichuan are quite good looking on average. But Chinese women from Guangdong, Shaanxi, Hainan, and other central parts of China are not good looking at all. Han Chinese women who have some admixtures with some minority ethnics look better than pure Han Chinese. Chinese women from the extreme periphery of China like extreme north and extreme south are homely looking with plain features. Chinese women who live near the Yangtze like Sichuan, Chongqing, and Yunnan are good looking on average.

  50. And I’m sorry to say Philip, the Korean guy who started this posting. Your women on average are some of the plainest and the ugliest in the whole Asia. If you really want to see the most beautiful women why don’t you go to India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Xinjiang province in China. These women from these place have more defined features and symmetry on their face. Whereas your country women have less defined features and asymmetry on their faces.

    Oh as additional to my above posting about Chinese women, I forgot to say that Xinjiang Chinese women are extremely good looking. Especially those who are ethnically Russian, Uzbek, Kazakhs, Uyghur, and Tajiks.

  51. Take away the surgeries, the makeups, and the skin bleaching. Korean women on average are some of the plainest and the ugliest women on this planet earth. The same can be said for the Japanese.

  52. If Koreans and Japanese really want to see real beauties, I suggest they should travel to Scandinavian countries, Russia, Baltic countries, FSU countries, and Argentina.

  53. Korean people in the past before all that surgery look nothing like now.K-pop is popular due to how beautiful their idols are,without surgery I really can’t say the are a beautiful race.Naturally the Japanese are better looking,but with surgery Koreans are seriously stunning.
    The naturally beautiful women I would say are in Europe like Russia and in the east Thai and Viet women are really naturally good looking.
    I think the korean obession with surgery is due to feeling like they are lacking in physical beauty in the first place compared to other race.

  54. okay

  55. your a a be a car mmia tha pappa nuse dakka

  56. What a stupid article. Comfort women existed in Korea itself after WWII. Koreans had comfort women in the Vietnam war, too. There were far more Japanese comfort women during WWII than Korean ones. Americans had Japanese comfort women during their occupation of Japan.

    If Korean comfort women were such a big issue, why was it brought up only in the late 80s? And it was Japanese who bought it up, not Koreans. Japan always has some anti-Japan activists who make up false stories. Koreans jumped on the one of comfort women and the Korean govenmentand media have used it against Japan ever since.

    During WWII, the Korean and Japanese comfort women weren’t forced to work by Japan’s military. They only worked for money just like most prostitutes. In Japan, there are 50,000 Korean prostitutes today and it’s Korean pimps who bring them from Korea.

  57. Through my work I spent a considerable time in both Seoul and Tokyo, and I went there without any preconceptions about supposed beauty of either women.

    When in a foreign country I tend to observe women more objectively, looking for characteristics that define the classic look of the locals. While both have an abundance of equally beautiful women, when in the presence of the classic Korean beauty, with that diminutive face, milky pale skin, almond shaped eyes, tall and voluptuous figure, my heart was racing a lot faster than when in the presence of a classic Japanese beauty. But while the Korean beauties stood out from Japanese beauties, they also tended to be a bit more arrogant, a little cold, while the Japanese were a bit more endearing and sweet. Yet the culture in Korea seemed more dynamic, more accepting and less rigid than Japan and if I wasn’t already married (to a beautiful western woman) I would love exploring both.
    As for the references about plastic surgery, it is over exaggerated and it’s a phenomena that is widespread throughout east asia, it’s not exclusively a Korean thing, and is a product of their new found wealth.

  58. Well, im in love with a korean girl, yeah but wtf why korean people can be so stupid. i am a big fan of kpop but now (2013) all i see in kpop videos is sexy girl dancing, and most of the songs talk about beauty. ¿Why korea is so opsesioned with being beauty.
    Example: go to youtube and look for 2ne1 im he best and then look for 2ne1 falling in love, you will see how stupid kmusic has became

  59. I think that in japane and in korea,there are beautiful people.I think that every country have his beauties.
    People who are ugly are these who speak something like there in this countrie the people are ugly because of theier skin,body…blabla whatever…
    I would be togheter with someone who have maybe a different skin or not so model like body as with someone who speaks like that.then that are the true ugly people .
    Sorry for my bad english! 🙂

  60. Both of them are beautiful. In mt opinion,
    Korean is more beatiful than Japanese.
    I went to Tokyo and Seoul Both.

    Korean Girls are very tall and skinny, fashionable. They were in good figure. Thier eye & nose have both oriental & oxidental good points.

    In Tokyo, of course, there were many beautiful girls but most of them were shortter than Koreans. And there costumes were a little bit weird to my eyes, seemed like an Anime Character.

  61. Asians aren’t attractive to begin with. What is this? Who’s the least ugly? Filipinos are prettier then the mongoloids. And beauty doesn’t count when it comes from a jar of plastic and a needle. There is absolutely nothing natural about Koreans and even if there were, their ugly personalities would make up for it. And to the person who claimed they are “tall” please. The Dutch are tall. Asians, korean or otherwise, are almost entirely short. Their “tall” is the worlds average. There are ugly and beautiful people in all countries. But claiming one group inherently looks better then the rest just shows your ugly. And plastic surgery doesn’t count as beauty. Stop faking yourselves and competing like this, the rest of the world thinks you all look the same anyway. Too bad you can’t buy a personality instead of the plastic.

  62. Hahaha! You are very stupid and uninformed. How could you still believe in the comfort women lies! This is the 21st century, we humans have access to all sorts of information. I can’t believe somebody would still fall for the comfort women lies in this age! The truth is bare and naked for you to see, open your eyes. Comfort women were a complete lie, even the Koreans admitted to that. This post is a joke and for a person who’s on the Korean side of Japanese girls vs Korean girls sexiness competition, you certainly chose some ugly women. Korean girls are the only girls sexy enough to give Japan a run for her money but you seem to have picked the ugly Korean ladies for your post. I’ve seen many sexier Korean women that actually posed some competition. In this post, it’s evident the Japanese girls are sexier. J-girl no.1 ties with K-girl no. 1 but the second Japanese girl takes the competition. You are very stupid and clearly can’t select beautiful Korean women who might have stood a chance. Go home and rethink your life.

  63. IN 2005 koreans had over 90% of women between 18 and 36 had plastic surgery. Over 95% of korean celebrities had plastic surgery.
    Miss korea 2013 is an example of plastic surgereon’s creation. It has nothing to do with makeup:
    COmpare Miss Koreas 70’s to before you will not find all these beauties with: “v” chins,
    oval faces,
    large wide pair of eyes with double eyelids (this is not even typical of korean eyes without plenty of surgery to enlarge),
    Tall narrow noses
    cheek bone reduction along with “V” chin surgery to create the oval faces.

    Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but South korea has plenty of plastic surgery beauties. Koreans unique look is due to not enough gene flow into their population causing over 70% of korean people in the peninsula to have no eyelid creases, and a large percentage with very small eyes, too high cheekbones that made their faces flat.

    Also Japanese celebrities had a lot of plastic uargery too. The ones that are mix most like didn’t get any or have done some.

    Japan first practiced plastic surgery more than 95 years ago. Koreans follow behind only 10 years. Both counties had a lot of fake faces.
    Southern Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipinas have more of the natural beauties without having to resort to plastic surgery.
    With all that plastic surgery to Japanese and korean faces I always mistaken them for Thai, Filipina , southern chinese, and vietnamese people.

    Gene mixing is good and that is why u see less of the super mongoloid people elsewhere Korea has one of the highest generic faces among MOngoloid people (oriental people).

  64. Look at how Jon Gosselin look. Look at their children. they are 1/4 korean and they all look very asian looking. Although they don’t look asian as typical korean’s faces. They pass more of Southern chinese, vietnamese, burmese faces.

  65. @mark
    90% in 2005 ? Where is your proof?
    I seriously doubt that.
    Yes Japan, Korea, Usa, Brazil, Spain, Taiwan, Switzerland , etc are among the countries with high rate but who cares?
    I as a horny young man sure ain’t gonna turn down a pretty girl just because she got her eyes done or her breast done. LOL!.
    There are attractive and ugly people in
    every country so just leave it at that.
    Please get a life.

  66. Don’t believe in the STUPID COMFORT WOMEN LIES! THEY ARE JUST LIES TOLD BY THAT BASTARD WRITER! My War Crime was a complete hoax! The TRAITOROUS BASTARD even admitted to that! GO READ ARIMASA KUBO on Comfort Women. IT IS A FUCKING LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Daniel Henney may be a Korean look alike, but Koreans will have no Caucasian counterparts. Only Half-Africans look Korean. Of course, this affect Koreans across-the-board.

  68. People saying Japanese have a complex for marrying western men should look at Korean women in America much more open to marrying western men than even Japanese’s American’s. Korean women are just fake.. And have. Nothing going on besides their plastic beauty. Chinese women are hard working. Japanese women are more passionate. To me Korean beauty is not all that much Japanese beauty is more natural and different.

  69. I prefer Japanese. I actually think that Koreans look good in the INSIDE but not in the OUTSIDE. Koreans don’t get any sleep, so why would they be better-looking? They use concealer. Japanese also uses concealer but Japanese are more responsible of what their doing. Koreans are really noisy when they fight… SNSD is good-looking whether they had or did not have plastic surgery. GUYS, PLASTIC SURGERY?! THIS IS ALL WHAT YOUR SAYING ABOUT JAPAN, PL-AS-TIC-SUR-GE-RY! I KNOW JAPAN IS #1 OF PLASTIC SURGERY, BUT DID YOU EVEN THINK THAT MAYBE YOU WANTED PLASTIC SURGERY?! Guys, everyone has a FACE. It’s God’s creation…

  70. I agree with Trisha… What’s wrong with Plastic Surgery? I personally think that Japanese looks better. I am Korean, I studied in Japan for 5 years. I compared Japanese to Koreans. My friend, Aiko, she is a pure Japanese woman. To admit, she looks WAY more prettier than me. During my birthday, every dresses or outfits she wears looks so GOOD! Even if she had no makeup, she looked still really good. She is already 29 but looks really young! She is 3 years older than me, I am 26. She looks younger than me… Koreans look real good with makeup! Well, Japan maybe #1 in plastic surgery, but they look better than Koreans. My brother is 17 turning 18 this March 2. He admitted (which perfectly hurt me a bit) that his friend was more good-looking than me. I understand him since that’s what I think too. Well, the majority of my family personally thinks that Japanese looks better, so then I probably think that Japanese is better-looking. Everyone has their own opinion, like me. I actually search for YouTube on How To Look Like A Japanese so I can at least look like them. LOL.

    Well, Japanese for me!

  71. Why are people comparing them, their just same!!! But I pick Japanese… Their kawaii (=<3_<3)

  72. eh…these days many ppl r complaining about this issue on who is prettier japanese or koreans or etc.guys there just the same ppl always start with plastic surgery when they describe a person or a kpop or jpop idol.trutfully at first i loved kpop and koreans because their good but as soon as i notice from researching and researching japanese r more natural than koreans.so i guess i will definetely pick japanese.to say im not saying koreans r ugly just saying that japanese r more naturally beauty made.try to search it in the internet…………………………………………………………………………well bye

  73. Yes, 80% of Korean loves their children to have plastic surgery. This is part of their culture.

    URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yDpdvOEUCw

    I believe Japanese are more beautiful than Korean girls. With natural beauty.

  74. Japanese beauty….


    And there are more than this. There are a list of beautiful actresses and talented ones.