Don Malik is a rapper from Korea, and was meant to perform at the SXSW Festival in Texas on March 17. However, like many other visitors he was denied entry into the US by Immigration whilst landing in San Francisco for a layover. It is also alleged that Immigration officers called him a CHINK and made monkey faces in an attempt to mock Malik. 

SXSW Festival officials directed Malik and other overseas guests to apply for the visa waiver program as they were not being paid to perform but were there for exposure only. The rules of the program state that :

artists from foreign countries were supposed to be granted entry to the United States without needing a standard work visa, in exchange for an “exposure only” (unpaid) performance.

Sadly he was denied entry and is not the first to be denied entry into the US. Malik’s record label CEO stated that during the 24 hour detainment, Malik and his crew faced the racism as stated earlier – being called CHINKS and having monkey faces made at them. If this is true then this is pretty pathetic and unprofessional of immigration officers. 

Images via All KPOP and Asian Junkie

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