Oh hey, here is another shitty thing coming from Australia. Korean family Lees are facing deportation back to South Korea, and pleas to the Australian Immigration Department and the Minister for Immigration Peter Dutton have been denied in terms of intervention. 

Jessica Lee is making a last appeal to the public and for Minister Dutton to intervene and grant herself and her family permanent residency. Jessica’s husband David Lee, was about to start a number of businesses and enlisted an immigration agent to get them permanent residency who ended up running away with $100,000 of the Lee’s money. In addition another agent which was recommended by the GOVERNMENT, yes the Australian Government provided poor advice, so hence their visa is days from expiration and they will be deported. 

Daniel Lee, the elder son is studying science at a University, and the youngest son Richard has really only known Australia as his home being only 11 years old. Bryan is another son studying science like Daniel at a university in Melbourne and states that if they were deported back to Korea they would have to do compulsory military service and will be unable to complete their degrees. 

SBS News continues this report:

During more than nine-and-a-half years in Australia, the Lees say, they have been active in many community groups, including the local Catholic parish in Melbourne’s east.

The Syndal’s Saint Christopher’s Parish has set up a petition calling on the minister to let the family stay.

The online petition has attracted more than 4,000 signatures.

Father Patrick Jackson says the Lees are simply bewildered by their experience.

“They are a loyal, faithful, hardworking family. They’ve done nothing wrong, ” says Father Jackson.

“They are the kind you want for Australia. They don’t know which way to turn, because they’ve tried every avenue lawfully to try to get acceptance in Australia. It’s almost like everything they’ve tried has been turned against them.”

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection says the case has been assessed and those who have exhausted all avenues to remain in the country are expected to leave.

My personal take is that, the Lees are contributing to Australian society and are law abiding people who just got scammed by a dodgy immigration agent. In addition, an agent which the Government recommended later was also at fault providing poor advice. The Minister of Immigration Peter Dutton can intervene and needs to intervene, because Australia will lose valuable members of society if the Lees are deported. Obviously what has transpired shows that Australia’s immigration processes have holes in them, considering the Lees are being put in this bad predicament. There is a petition going around started by the local church parish, which should and needs to be signed by everyone reading this post.

I will be watching the case of the Lees and also campaign to ensure they are able to stay in Australia. When something like this happens to our own Asian family, we must unite and band together to help and support where we can.

To sign the petition, please click here.

Images via SBS News

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