So remember how we wrote about the Lees who were facing deportation from Australia to Korea a few weeks back? They have been in Australia for around a decade and due to a scamming incident from a migration agent were facing their lives in Australia being taken away from them. Here is our original piece on this when it happened, and here is an excerpt to remind y’all on what actually happened:

Jessica Lee is making a last appeal to the public and for Minister Dutton to intervene and grant herself and her family permanent residency. Jessica’s husband David Lee, was about to start a number of businesses and enlisted an immigration agent to get them permanent residency who ended up running away with $100,000 of the Lee’s money. In addition another agent which was recommended by the GOVERNMENT, yes the Australian Government provided poor advice, so hence their visa is days from expiration and they will be deported.

Daniel Lee, the elder son is studying science at a University, and the youngest son Richard has really only known Australia as his home being only 11 years old. Bryan is another son studying science like Daniel at a university in Melbourne and states that if they were deported back to Korea they would have to do compulsory military service and will be unable to complete their degrees. 

Well out of the local campaign and public pressure, the good news is that the Australian Government has intervened and granted the Lees a right to stay in Australia. This has been a huge effort together with their local parliamentarian Julian Hill MP who agreed to lobby Australia’s Assistant Immigration Minister Alex Hawke. All of these efforts including the public petition by the local church the Lees attended and media pressure was fruitful and the Lees now have been granted permanent residency in Australia. Here are some quotes on how they are feeling and what they told SBS News:

“I cried when I heard the news, the tears are still left in my eyes… I’m so very, very happy,” the father David Lee told SBS World News.

Twenty-one-year-old Brian Lee said the outpouring of community support has been heartening.

“In this whole process we had a lot of people supporting us and a lot of people helping us, that was enough to bring happiness on its own,” he said.

He said the certainty around the decision means he is now able to plan his life and university studies.

“Now I can plan ahead of time without fear of having to leave at any moment, it is really great having that uncertainty going away,” Brian said.

This is awesome news and I am sure we wish the Lees all the best in their lives and endeavours and the fact that they now do not need to worry about facing deportation. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition.

Images via SBS News

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