Thank God KEVIN KWAN rejected Hollywood, but really is it even a surprise? As the author of CRAZY RICH ASIANS which is now a feature film directed by JON M. CHU, with the set release date of August 17 2018, Kwan reveals how back in 2013 (even before his book of the same name hit the shelves), a Hollywood producer knocked on his door to make a Hollywood feature film with his book. However there was a catch – the character RACHEL (who is played by CONSTANCE WU) would be reimagined as a WHITE WOMAN… yeah I know WTF??! Amidst all the other controversies surrounding this film ( non Asian Chinese playing a Chinese character etc), one must appreciate and respect Kwan for saying NO to this proposal…

Shirley Li of Entertainment Weekly discusses this weird proposal:
They wanted to change the heroine into a white girl. I was like, ‘Well, you’ve missed the point completely.’ I said, ‘No, thank you.’”
The idea wasn’t surprising to Kwan, of course. Hollywood has tended to whitewash Asian roles in the past. But in this case, to whitewash Rachel would take away an integral part of the character’s identity and also be a detriment to the story itself. Crazy Rich Asians is about a Chinese-American woman’s journey back to Asia, a quintessentially Asian immigrant experience. Rachel goes through reverse culture shock as part of her journey; to remove that aspect of the character by making her a white woman would have made it a completely different story.

When Kwan shared the tale of this early meeting while on his first book tour, he says the reactions he heard wound up convincing him that a film version of the story would — against typical Hollywood thinking — appeal to audiences who weren’t Asian. He recalls one stop in Texas at a book club made up of white women who were just as appalled as he was at the prospect of whitewashing Rachel. “You should’ve heard them scream,” he says. “They were like, ‘Nooo!’ I remember one woman saying, ‘What makes these people think that all we want to do is see the same white actors or actresses on screen?’ To hear that reaction really confirmed for me what the audience wanted.”

Is Hollywood that daft? A book written about Asians which is about identity, culture and the blending of Western Asians with Asian Asians, whitewashed? Give me a break. I am so glad Kwan stuck to his guns and waited out till a better proposal came, and I think the film CRAZY RICH ASIANS will be one to watch for 2018! I certainly can’t wait!

Images via Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Here’s a pic of Erin chew protesting against all the Asians in this movie.