Hey some good news for all the ladies and gents who like me appreciate some good eye candy! Australia just announced its BACHELOR OF THE YEAR, and yes its a HOT AF Asian man! K-Ppo star and host of Australia’s SBS Pop Asia KEVIN KIM has beat out 29 other Australian men to take this crowning title. To me this is pretty awesome and Asian represent! Doing a bit of “research”, I must say he is pretty good on the eyes, and I was banking on him to win this competition. 

Oh yes, and did I say, he is the first Aussie of Asian background to win the Cosmopolitan contest? Awesome AF huh?

Interestingly, Asian men have not been strangers to these types of competitions in Australia, with THIEN NGUYEN taking out the 2014 Cleo Magazine Bachelor of the Year. I guess this tells everyone that ASIAN MEN are hot and are here to stay! Cosmopolitan interviewed Kim so people can get to know him and know who he is. Here is the interview (via Cosmopolitan):

How does it feel to be the winner?

I never thought I’d even be nominated let alone win. I’m the first Asian to take home the title so that’s pretty cool. I feel proud to be representing and really humbled by all the support from people who voted.

Where would you take Cosmo on a date?

I’d make a reservation a really nice seafood restaurant by the beach and take you there just before sunset. Or if we wanted to keep it simple, we’d have a movie marathon of your favourite movies and mine with some wine.

What song would serenade your date with?

Bruno Mars’ That’s What I Like

What are your dating dealbreakers?

People probably think if a girl doesn’t like music that would be a deal breaker but I’d be happy to educate her. The real deal breaker would be smoking.

Who would be your celebrity hall pass?

Ariana Grande. I love her smile and her style. And of course I love her music so we could do a duet together.

Do you like to make the first move or the girl first?

I’m happy to make the first move, I want her to know I’m interested.

Deserving win indeed, and I am loving the Asian men getting the title! Congratulations KEVIN KIM, and can’t wait to see more of you! Oh yeah, I may be married, but yes, serenade me with BRUNO MARS any day!

Images via Cosmopolitan Magazine

To read the full interview, please click on: KEVIN KIM IS THE 2018 COSMOPOLITAN X TINDER BACHELOR OF THE YEAR 2018


  1. Go him and his reaction is priceless