Little is known about Rose Tico, Kelly Marie Tran’s character debuting in STAR WARS VIII: THE LAST JEDI, but she is totally going to punch, blast, and truncheon-smash people, according to this behind-the-scenes training video (Tran appears briefly at about 1:29).

Yes, it’s mainly about Rey, Phasma, Finn and Kylo, but we already knew about them. Rose is the new blood, the unknown quantity! The video also features Liang Yang, the fight coordinator/stunt performer who notably portrayed the stormtrooper who shouts “TRAITOR!” in THE FORCE AWAKENS (okay, Yang’s voice didn’t shout that, but his body did all the fighting with Finn).

It’s a cool glimpse at the physical choreography aspect of THE LAST JEDI, which comes out in just 10 days OMG. As every discerning Star Wars fan knows, the lightsaber fight choreography was the ONLY facet of Episodes I-III that was much much better than in the Original Trilogy. Then the lightsabering took a little step back in THE FORCE AWAKENS, what with Kylo’s impractical crossguard and chest-thumping, and ROGUE ONE of course had low lightsaber content but the addition of Donnie Yen’s flamboyant staff style. So I’m very excited to find out how the fight choreography develops in THE LAST JEDI, just as I’m excited to find out every single thing about THE LAST JEDI, including WTF is this tool in Rose’s hand?