Sad news for all the Anime fans who religiously followed Bleach and Naruto. Its talented animator Kazunori Mizuno has recently passed away, and he was only 52 years old. Kazunori also worked on Akira, Naruto Shippuden, Yu Yu Hakusho and many more well known Anime series.

Circumstances surrounding his death are quite chilling and dark, and it is said he passed away from being overworked which is called karoushi in Japanese, and is a sign of how many Japanese live their lives in terms of work being their world and them having to work exorbitant hours. However, many tributes have come in from colleagues and friends celebrating the man Kazunori was, according to Comic Book:

Twitter user @yaginuma_san knew he was feeling poorly and told friends he would go take a break from working and nap in his studio.

@fujisan79 took time to honor his friend before pointing out the dismal conditions for animators in the industry. 

May he Rest In Peace!


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