This is pretty disgusting and seriously makes me wonder when do we Asian women get given any agency because it seems that men still do not get the message that randomly kissing, touching etc is not acceptable and is harassment period. With the rise of #MeToo spreading all over the globe, at least women are getting more serious about the issue, but we Asian women need to band together more and voice up against this to encourage other women who may feel scared or intimidated to report their harassment/assault. This one is a good example of this.

Hong Kong journalist i-Cable News reporter Diamond Kwok, was reporting at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens event. She was at the spectator’s stand and on camera, when 2 white men randomly kissed her on each cheek. She was embarrassed, and to avoid any delays in the report moved her arms to ward the disgusting pieces of shit away from her. Journalism teacher and former TV news anchor YUEN CHEN posted about this situation on Twitter a few days ago with this description:

Two men plant unwanted kisses on face of #HK #CableNews reporter during live broadcast at #Rugby7s. She says it’s unacceptable & sexual harassment, her (male) boss says there’s nothing to be done but to “laugh it off” #NotFunny

Reading this description makes me exceptionally angry and annoyed because Kwok was left in the lurch by her male boss. I do not blame her for not reporting it because she is also stuck in a system where women still are fearful for their career getting ruined if they talk/discuss about sexual harassment or assault. Chen continues to say the following:

And because the perps are both young white males and the event is the Rugby7s, there is attempt to write it off as a “cultural difference”, ie. that’s what westerners are like, it’s a party atmosphere, no ill-intentions

CORRECTION: the reporter said it was “unacceptable” but she didn’t know what she could do. However, she did not see it as sexual harassment.

Women everywhere are still stuck in hard situations where reporting sexual assault/harassment is still frowned upon. So you can imagine how much more difficult this is in Asia where patriarchy is still a major thing. In this situation it is pathetic white men, who feel that they have every right to go and harass Asian women because they are white men. These 2 men will also probably not get any consequences for what they have done because of their skin colour and this is what pisses me off the most. In my opinion they need to be named and shamed. There is footage of them and it is not too hard to get someone to identify who they are. But that is just me.

Doing a bit more research into this case, it seems that Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunities Commission has stated that this incident does constitute sexual harassment. Chris Yeung Kin-hing, chairman of the Hong Kong Journalists Association also agrees with this assessment and tells the SCMP:

“Such behaviour should not be encouraged. From the coverage, we can see the reporter was very much embarrassed. Her work was disturbed.

The station should speak with the reporter about the case, and Kwok’s wishes about how to handle the issue should be respected.

The station should also alert the event organiser about the incident”. 

The association also issued a statement saying that they condemn the men who kissed Kwok randomly and agree that this may constitute sexual harassment. i- Cable News human resources department told the SCMP that they have discussed the incident with Kwok and that she had advised them that she would not pursue this any further:

“The company attaches importance to the employees’ rights and interests. We ensure no employees will be subject to any form of discrimination or sexual harassment according to the Sex Discrimination Ordinance.”

But Alfred Chan Cheung-ming, the chairman of the Equal Opportunities Commission feels that this can be investigated as sexual harassment:

“Depending on the reporter’s assessment of the situation, if she was kissed against her will, it could well be a case of harassment, and she may report to police if she wishes. In other countries, if the person was kissed against his or her will, there could be consequences too,”

“Objectively speaking, if a lady was kissed by two strangers, she would certainly feel surprised, and bystanders would likely feel [this was] problematic too.”

Asked if i-Cable News executive director Ronald Chiu Ying-chun had taken the issue too lightly, Chan said the matter “should be taken more seriously” and the station should “first ask the person affected how he or she feels”.

Chiu was earlier reported to have said the firm would not pursue the case and would “laugh it off”.

My 2 cents worth? I think the fact that Kwok’s boss pretty much said that nothing can be done and allegedly laughed it off, is already an indication that the news channel company has left Kwok in a hard situation. In an industry where women always need to work harder, it will be hard for Kwok to say that she wants to pursue the matter because we all know that her career is on the line. I do think this incident needs to be taken more seriously, and white men who do this to Asian women need to be held accountable. They need to learn that Asian women are not their possessions and they need to respect us rather than treat us as sexual objects. Also why are Rugby 7s silent in all this? They are just as complicit as Kwok’s boss if they have not said anything. They seriously need to say something and act.

This is so sickening and I hope to see this matter get furthered by external forces in Hong Kong.

Images via SCMP

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  1. name and shame those two dirtbags.