In-N-Out has the best fast food burgers you can find: that’s just a fact and no use arguing otherwise. But this photo series makes In-N-Out even better if such a thing is possible.

Laura Izumikawa is a mother/photographer whose photos of her young napping daughter Joey went viral leading to a blog series detailing her family life. Her most recent entry involves a special trip to In-N-Out and she describes how this came about:

When I was pregnant with Joey, all I remember was craving nothing but In-N-Out (and Taco Bell). It was so hard restraining myself from eating one of their burgers everyday. My go to is: a double-double, extra lettuce, extra tomatoes, whole grilled onions, extra toasted buns, no salt on the patty and dressing on the side. Augh, just writing this right now is making me want to go get one right now!

My friend Catherine and I did a Target Employee shoot together previously but we wanted to do an In-N-Out one together so this week we took our girls out for some burgers and fries. Joey’s first time trying In-N-Out! Can you tell that they both LOVED it??

And yes, it’s as adorable as you can imagine: