With the ESPN/Jeremy Lin/”Chink in the Armor” story grabbing all the headlines this weekend, you may have missed another story that involves Asian Americans, Jeremy Lin and racism—in this case an Asian American “artist” advocating for the “eradication” of all Black people because of one asshole’s slight against Lin.

This is Jenny Hyun:

She is a musician and a songwriter for SNSD and Chocolat. And here are some of her recent tweets (and no, I am not making this shit up):

And wait, there’s more:

As you can probably tell, Jenny got upset with a recent tweet of Floyd Mayweather’s that went something like this:

So instead of doing the…oh, I don’t know—sane thing and calling out Mayweather on his individual racist asshole-ery, she decided that Mayweather was talking for Black people everywhere and took to her twitter to respond accordingly with such gems as:

“we don’t know what it’s like with them not here. But imagine a world with NO BLACK PEOPLE. All the tension in every aspect of life would be drastically improved without them around. And ONLY them.”


“Your culture is DISGUSTING, your people are as equally as DISGUSTING. Disrespectful, violent, arrogant, stupid…”


“You know I’m right, I know I’m right. Even THEY know I’m right.”

And of course that little tweet calling for genocide:

“Eradication of one toxic family is exactly what this world needs.”

Of course, she also tweeted that “you’re getting me all wrong if you think I hate black people.” Hmm, mixed messages there, Jenny?

Not surprisingly, Jenny’s tweets were immediately met with outrage and threats against her, which prompted her to remove some of her more extreme tweets and offer this sort-of apology today on her website (UPDATE 11/19: JENNY’S apology has been removed but original text below):

“Okay guys, listen up!

You are threatening me with the fact that you know my address. You guys have also started to roar your engines every so often outside of my home. I get it. This is my official apology to the black community.

I do not regret what I said, however, I now understand that there are some lines one cannot cross.

Please take this apology and do what you will with it, but hopefully, everyone will remember to stay calm, cool and collected and remember that violence is not the answer.”

And if that’s not enough, she further tweeted that she really loves…well, see for yourself:

So like, she can’t be racist against blacks, right? I mean she loves KFC and probably watermelon too. Hmm, damn, I think I dated this chick before. And somewhere on this Saturday night, Lisa Chan is probably breathing a sigh of relief and thanking God for putting Jenny Hyun on this earth.


  1. I’m sorry to break this to you, but outside of the United States, where people aren’t obsessed with being politically correct while talking shit behind each other’s back, there’s a lot of hate towards black people.

    It’s funny because Americans claim to be racially sensitive, and stuff like an Asian pop singer ranting about a black dude (a racist one at that) is not okay. Yet according to research from dating websites, 97% of Americans would not ever consider dating a black person – actions speak louder than words?

    Also, who gives a shit if Jenny Hyun doesn’t like black people? Like Martina Hingis said when the Williams sisters demanded an apology from her years back, people outside the US have better things to do than to concern themselves with what you people consider “politically correct” or not.

    She doesn’t like black people. Get the fuck over it.

  2. Wasn’t she the same chick that ended up sleeping with her manager a number of years ago? Some old white guy?

    And to the poster above: lol “you people” lololol

  3. No, I refuse to hate a whole race of people, and I refuse to support this person. There are good and bad people in every race. Here, Jenny calls for the eradication of an entire race. I’m sorry, but that is absolutely wrong.


  4. Also, anyone shocked by this has obviously never been to Asia.

    They don’t like black people, they don’t make it a secret. Again, don’t use whatever you consider “politically correct” in your culture, and assume everyone else in the world abides by it.

    In certain parts of Asia, they don’t like dark skinned people at all. Hence, skin lightening creams: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIUQ5hbRHXk

  5. This Bitch is crazy.

  6. While I don’t doubt that racism against black or dark skinned people exists outside the United States, I don’t think that’s the quite same thing as calling for genocide…

  7. But if there aren’t any black people, whose music will she rip off?

  8. @steve: maybe you should start with eradicating the concept of “race” entirely first.

    “race” is a social construct invented by Europeans.

  9. That’s why Asian women should not be allowed to vote.

  10. She calls for the eradication of blacks, but then gives a semi-apology saying that “violence is not the answer” when she receives angry threats? Oh, the irony.

  11. What a boob…
    She responds to another boob, goes all Genocidal and actually defends it…

    Hope she likes not getting any more work: No one wants to be associated with a boob like that…

  12. Just another Pete “Spend It Not” Hoekstra puppet…

  13. Just because racism is widespread doesn’t make it right. Who ultimately wins because of animosity between blacks and Asians? Hint: It’s not blacks, and it’s not Asians.

  14. Ok now I can never listen to SNSD again without thinking about her words. Girls Generation is pretty awful anyway.

    She wrote what is really in her heart and she cannot take it back. It’s out there. GOODBYE SNSD

  15. You can email her here http://www.onlinejenny.com/ since the she-devil actually blocked her twitter page.

  16. Looks like her ‘apology’ is gone.
    Will it be replaced or will she continue to spew racist nonsense???

  17. if you look at her music bio, she seems to have a great many relationships within the African American music scene. Well, perhaps the operative word here is had.

    she’ll regret this position. it will be a negative stigma that will follow her for a long, long, long time.

  18. So sad once again stereotypes and hate. All black people are not the same, just like Asians, Whites, Mexicans. There are good people in this world and bad people, regardless of the color of their skin. We all live we all die we all bleed red. There’s no segregation in heaven, if you believe there is one. To say you want to get rid of a group of people completely and to say they are like aids, is just hateful and mean and I feel sorry for her. It’s just sad.. And don’t even get me started on Floyd May Weather.. Ugh…

  19. This chick needs a full psychiatric evaluation. Racism promoting genocide is a mental illness not a social choice “Turn Up The Love.” An Ivy League social work professor did her dissertation on this fact.

  20. Oh for fuck sake! Another one of these publicity whores. Trying to get 15 minutes by being a stupid dumb shit. Go away already and stop embarrassing yourself. Just goes to show you’ve got douche bags in every ethnicity.

  21. Turnupthelove,

    97% of Americans would not date a black person. But somehow almost 90% of blacks are mixed with another race. Including myself, and my husband is German.

    Oh and I am the youngest of 7 siblings and we all married outside of the black race. The next gerneration of my family will be 3/4 asian or 3/4 white.

  22. The last thing SNSD needs is another scandal. Tae Yeon already put her foot in her mouth @ Alicia Keys “She’s pretty for a Black girl”
    and yes, I am going IN on this trash. I’m mad.

  23. and anyone who is black should not be surprised that asians are racist.

  24. gee Juicygyrl, you should proud that your seed will eventually no longer be black. don’t worry, they will eventually look back at you and wished you never existed. i’m sure they will be trying to pass and be so proud they can rise above that black shit.

    all thanks to you. 🙂

  25. TurnUpTheLove, you don’t make no damn sense. btw, some of the same people who don’t like blacks, also can’t stand asians too. remember, that h-bomb that was dropped on japan? yep, them muthas love y’all.

    i find it odd (and irrational) that people would have so much enmity towards blacks since we are not the ones who have killed and raped millions of people around the world. but, it takes all kinds of suckas to make the word go round.

  26. According to her blog she got checked into a hospital for having a schizophrenic episode….

    Turnupthelove, yes Asians are xenophobic, not a shock – and for the most part I doubt they have to worry about Black people paying a visit to their home countries. I’d love to go on a tirade about America, or the UK or France being the WRONG country to be so xenophobic, but that’s another story for another day.

  27. WOW. I’m outdone by this, but I shouldn’t be.

    “You’re getting me all wrong if you think I hate black people.”

    LOL. Thanks for clearing that one up for us, Jenny. So glad you did cause if you hadn’t we’d all go on thinking you were a virulent, ignorant, racist with unbelievable delusions of grandeur. Whew, now that I know you’re not, I can totally go back to listening to all the wonderful music you wrote; you’re obviously such a big star.

    Am I to understand that she lives in the US? Hmmm…I wonder if all her friends, colleagues, associates, neighbors, knew she was a racist before this?

    Her apology: yeah she could have kept that.

    Hope one those “apes” “roaring their engines” outside her home doesn’t drive into it. Wouldn’t that be a neat trick? Apes driving…

  28. Also, I love Sung’s comment. ROFL. Perfect.

  29. This is a good example of why it is so embarrassing to be one of the humans!

  30. If the She-Devil had said she was visited and possessed by the demons who made her say those things, I would’ve believed her. But a psychotic episode? NnnOoo.

  31. Him: “I hope they put little jen in a nice white padded cell in a white strait jackets, give her white pills served in a white cup and I hope she has the best white psychiatrist money can buy.”

  32. Now that’s crossing a line in the sand. Clearly racist. Deplorable, in fact. A little old school shock therapy might do the trick nicely.

    Poor girl. Instead of someone sending her an email and telling her to get her shit together to correct her wrongs, they sent the entire PC brigade after her. Another one bites the dust.

  33. Ok, I was furious when I saw her tweets. I signed the petition to get her out of the music industry, etc.

    However, I read someone’s comments on a different forum about her past mental issues. Doing a search for a term like “medication” on Jenny’s website brings up posts that talk about some of her past issues.

    I am not defending her or her tweets, those are what they are. I completely disagree with them. However, she apparently has mental issues, and I thought people should know.


    I hope she gets the help she needs.

  34. steve she has no mental issues.if that were the case then she would not have a career writing songs for SNSD and Chocolat. Sometimes when you are trying to reach the top you need to keep your mouth closed on things that don’t concern you. She is an inspring singer songwriter, operative word inspiring, she has yet to reach that pinnacle and with those bigoted foolish stupid comments she never will.

  35. Not sure if what she had was a “career”. She had 2 songs for them? Not that I’m a fan of either group (or her), but from what I read, her 2 songs weren’t top hits.

    Her posts about mental illness goes back months. She’s talked about times where she was hospitalized after she stopped taking her medication. This could have been a similar episode.

    To say that she has no mental issues? I don’t think that’s accurate.

  36. Not a comment on this particular situation, but people with mental illnesses can and do work. Some mental illnesses actually help people become better suited for certain fields of work. Also, there are a large range of illnesses and severities grouped under the umbrella of “mental illness”.

  37. Some people keep mentioning ‘outside the US’ but she’s born in California, and I think lives in NY (Unless there is another Jenny Hyun). 2 very diverse places, but apparently she can’t open her mind.
    It’s one thing if you don’t prefer a certain race , but it’s another thing to call for their eradication. It’s hate, and she’s full of it.
    That whole mental illness is just another convenience. Let me guess, in a few months when this blows over, she’ll reemerge and do interviews about her struggles being a schizo.

    I guess black people/culture is just another convenience for her. She hates black people but love ripping off their pop culture to further her career.

  38. give her a break. without blacks there would be less crime, no one bugging me for spare change at the gas station, and a lot fewer mouths to feed for welfare.

  39. I’m really not understanding all this “outside the US” rhetoric. I live “outside the US” in the UK, I’m mixed (African American and European Jewish), I’m appear to clearly be a girl colour, and I don’t experience much racism generally here. If I’m being honest, the only time I’ve experienced racism here has been not at the hands of English people, but rather at the hands of people originating from more archaic microcosms – those that are stuck in essentialist modes extending from other countries from which they arrived. The sociopolitical landscape from which one originates has a huge impact on world view; you’re going to find sometimes that people who come from xenophobic and essentialist environments fear anything different from themselves, particularly if that thing isn’t euroccentric, euroccentric essence representing something to aspire to. Welcome to colonialism of the mind, folks. But having said all of this, I don’t mean to imply that people of colour from the US don’t also suffer the colonial mindset. They can as well. I believe this has more to do with a protective mechanism whose goal is to disassociate with any ties with being deemed a ‘minority’ and god-forbid associated with blacks by-proxy. Jenny’s comments say quite a lot more about her self hatred than they do about her hatred of blacks. And as a sidebar, and for the record I do think the chick is clearly mentally ill.

  40. The guy claiming that black people are hated outside the USA doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’ve traveled extensively outside the country over the years and have had the most rewarding experiences. In fact, from the way that others embrace and immolate black American culture, music, language and dance it should be noted that we’re indeed celebrated. As a black American male, I can say from first hand knowledge that non-black women in other countries will approach you and make it clear that they’re interested. You don’t emulate a people you hate. You don’t pursue romantic intentions with people you hate.

  41. Jenny Hyun, KOREAN AMERICA is HORRIFIED of your face!!! YOU’RE DISGUSTING!!!

  42. For everyone going “Asians hate black people, duh”….Jenny Hyun is an American. She lives in CA and she was born in Virginia.

  43. Kokoba~DONT assume that if she wasn’t ASIAN AMERICAN, BUT ASIAN that it would be apart of her culture to HATE black people. That’s such bullshit. Racists, and racism, exist all over the world. It’s not an “asian thing,” “a white thing,” a “black thing” a “latino thing” or even an “american thing.” Take it for what it is~a person whom might fuel societial suspicions that this is a cultural thing, which will only perpetuate our marginalization and stereotypes.

  44. turnupthelove is an idiot lol.

    I am a black/japanese mix and the majority of people I know date outside of their race, in BOTH communities here in LA.

    That said, this moron is throwing out random stuff without siting his proof. Oddly enough %67 of all couples in America are mutli-racial…hmm, that’s weird.

    Not really, this kid is just an idiot lol

  45. @Turnitup I don’t think all people in Asia dislike Black people. I absolutely adore Asia(especially South Korea, Japan, and China, and Tawain, and India) the music is great and etc. I REALLY want to go to Korea and Japan I have read blogs about Black people who have went NONE of them had a problem they would get stares but it’s because they are homogeneous and it’s new for them when they see someone different, which I understand. If I was from some country in Africa and saw an Asian I would probably stare too. The only problem I have with Asia is Blackface. They have black fans like me and I think when we respectfully tell you to stop they should consider stopping, just saying.

    Anyway, about the Jenny Hyun girl I am not shocked about this at all. If she thinks this about our race, it’s fine, if I saw her I would probably just talk to her but than again she would probably run away thinking I would attack her, hahaha 😉 I have to admit Asian American Women(not Asian Women from Asia) are usually whitewashed, I’ve seen a lot bash their own Men, my race, every race but white, am I wrong? I feel bad because Asian American Men they are usually decent (and handsome), take pride in their race and I personally respect that. If I’m wrong about a lot of Asian American Women, please let me know.

    @Sung So hilarious.

  46. Oh and Merryweather is so stupid he so does not speak for me. A lot of of us we’re embarrassed and dissing him. Plus, Jeremy Lin deserves what he’s getting right now he’s talented. And I’m very happy for the Asian American community for finally getting some equality(kind of). Hopefully we’ll see more Asian Americans in sports. It’s ridiculous it took THIS long, we’re suppose to be the UNITED states.

  47. @Turn up the love
    To say she doesn’t like black people is an understatement. She has a real distain for them and that is not something people should just “get the fuck over” how about people stop being racist assholes. Especially her since she wants to sing songs by black people then claim they need to be exterminated, like what the fuck is that?!. Plus the industry she works in (K-pop) is always taking after Hip-Hop and R&B style and sound even hiring black producers to make the music so don’t give me that shit. Apparently they are good enough to steal from but not good enough to exist in the world as equal human beings? Fuck out of here with that shit. The thing is no one gives a fuck because she is talking about black people and that is a problem. If she was talking about exterminating Jewish people they would be calling her an anti semite and call her out on her wrong doing but because she is talking about Black people its a “get the fuck over it” moment which is totally bullshit. That is what always happens to blacks when people say/do terrible things to them and they are just supposed to “get over it” but if it happened to another ethnic group (especially whites) it would be the biggest problem like it should be when it happens to blacks. People say “Remember 9/11, Remember the Holocaust”, but slavery? “Oh that was like a million years ago get over it” FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT.
    Mayweather was being a giant ass no question and if she wanted to say something on that she should have just attacted his flawed character not HIS ENTIRE FUCKING ETHNIC GROUP. He said some real bigoted shit but her never called for all Asians to be killed like Jenny did. In fact it is even more of a dumbass move on her part because ESPN said some dumb shit about Lin using A FUCKING RACIAL SLUR and that bitch didn’t say shit, she didn’t all for the extermination of all the people who work at ESPN or all the white folk who own that place which is why we know she is just a racist hateful person. Bottom line: She has a problem with Billions of people who exist in this world just for the fucking fact they exist. She has real problems that need to be addressed and I don’t even want to hear that tired half ass non apology she tried to give because it was clearly bullshit. If she is truly remorseful she will check her shit and change her actions until then that she can kiss my ass. Lin is a fucking great player and its dumb that is started because he is doing well for himself.
    Fuck Racist Fuckers and their Fucking Racist Fuckery.

  48. Dablasiandude is on point! Notice she didn’t go postal on the truly racist dumbfucks at ESPN! didn’t go ape at all!!!! Hmmm! Guess it’s easier to pick on black folks than white folks! Talk about self hatred and cowardice! If only she had the balls to say these things to Mayweather’s face…of course not. She aint that crazy. So she takes to the internet airwaves like the rest of the crazies! This toobit piece of nothing probably would have deservedly gotten her nonass kicked! Furthermore, nothing Mayweather said was remotely racist! Probably not the wisest way to get his point across BUT NOT RACIST! He clearly made a statement that MANY feel. Some players bust their asses everyday without glory. Like it’s EXPECTED but when someone of another race works just as hard, they get glorified? Get the he’ll outta here with that whack bull! It’s the same as women who take care of the kids and the household, no big deal. Let a man become ‘mr. Mom’ and the whole world goes apeshit. He’s the muthafuckin’ man! SAME ANALOGY! miss hyun clearly is an attention seeking mentally I’ll drama queen whore! Go fuck yourself! She must’ve forgot…everything and everyone originates from Africa! What you do to Africa, you do to yourself!

  49. lol this guy Koreanguy is a fucking idiot. I dont care about people loving each other, be racist thats fine. I’m black, I have an asian girlfriend, and have had several before.

    I hate everyone equally, fuck you- fuck the blacks who disgrace me: criminals etc. Get a fucking job, and learn to read. As we speak I am in the process of my last semester, IN CLASS, getting my undergraduate. To those blacks, stop being the n****s that these people claim you to be. Show them how you can excel.

    and YOU? eat a dick. without you @koreanguy , we wouldnt have to allocate an area of my city LA for your people. We wouldnt have to import all this damn kimchi, and smell it when we drive down the 10 E to downtown.

    So if u wanna get racist, lets get racist. I’ll get on everyone, my own blacks, and you damn koreans (my girlfriend knows my philosophy too) because when you hate everyone equally, that means you also LOVE everyone equally 🙂

  50. To say that race is the ONLY reason why Lin is getting attention is racist and the reason why Hyun started blasting black people. I don’t agree with what she did, but Mayweather didn’t have to racialize the situation. That’s the problem with America. It’s addicted to race.

    To Lmaowow,

    That is a very lame response. And FYI, most of the residents of Ktown are hispanic. I know there is sarcasm in your statement, but it’s pretty weak and sends the wrong message.

  51. Another self-hating Asian person. I don’t understand the Asians (some not all) who just so desperately want to be white. It’s just so sad. Meanwhile, if we look at history, there have been more horrific things done to Asians by people of European descent than have ever or will ever be done to them by black people. Why do you have such a high regard for a race of people who don’t share the same feelings about you. This woman so clearly wants to be white, because what better way to show that, than to talk about how much you hate black people. Let me give some advice to all the Asians and others out there who are so desperately trying to be something you are not. No matter how much bleaching cream you use on your skin or how blonde you dye your hair or how white your boyfriend may be, you will never be seen as white, especially by white people. I see so many racist comments made by white people against Asians all the time. Where was this chick then? Yet, one black man chooses to make a comment and all or a sudden, all black people should be wiped off the face of the earth. So, Jenny, I see, it’s okay for white people to dog your culture all they want, because you just love, love, love you some white people. I’m just so happy that the world is not full of people who think the way you do.

  52. People should learn not just their history but that of other races. The world is not a small box, its much bigger than you think.
    To imagine a world without black people there would be no world at all. They have done these —>
    http://www.enchantedlearning.com/inventors/black.shtml and much more for society.

    Ignorance kills!

  53. Because there are no self-hating black people. Believe me, Asians don’t hate blacks to emulate whites. They have their own reasons like the LA riots, light skin/dark skin prejudices in their countries of origin, etc. that shape their opinions about black people. The people like Sadagain who like to use this to generalize Asian people should look in the mirror. The rest of the world does not think about things in black and white like America tends to. As far as I know, the black community is not immune to racial prejudice.

  54. Black people = most hated and most ripped off people in the world…It’s hard being black. :/

  55. TurnUpTheLove. African Americans are 13% of the population. So if 97% wouldn’t date black people then how is 13% black?
    Life is hard buddy. It’s even harder when you’re stupid.

  56. 1. beware of trolls. they are the people who post dumbass comments to get some negative response. (e.g. if someone wants to hurt Asians, they post anonymously claiming to be Asian & then spout dumbass comments that inflame Blacks, Whites, Latinos, other Asians, etc.)

    2. yes, this bitch is crazy. literally. apparently you can’t convince her that she’s just one person, or that those voices in her head aren’t real. so, good luck convincing her that she needs to be less racist. how about she work on being less delusional first?

    3. you know, there are more rational(?) racists, like in Santaluces, FL.


  57. To KoreanGuy, so without blacks there will be less crime and less people on welfare?

    Ok, so I assume that the only people in prisons in Asian and European countries are blacks? Unless you are saying there are no crimes in those places because there are no blacks? When some blacks act the fool and riot and loot, a lot of people are like ‘see that’s what they do’. yet, when Chinese riots in China or the Koreans riots in Korea (surprisingly Japanese don’t riot) or Sports fans in Vancouver riot, no one blames the entire race or culture.

    As for welfare, it is a myth that the welfare rolls are made up mostly of blacks. Welfare was created solely for whites originally and blacks were denied access.

    Nowadays, sure there are a lot of blacks on welfare but overall there are more whites on welfare than blacks.

  58. Turn up the love is a dumb f**k. That much is obvious. How about everyone on here just realize that and move on.

  59. alright so if what she said is coo, lets get to eradicatin’

  60. oh and get over it, genocide like np

  61. It’s true no one should care about being political correct and biting their tongue. Hitler was a perfect example. I got a great idea let’s talk about jews and how we want them all dead. Ohhhh let’s talk about the holocaust and how it did not actually happen so we should not try and prevent or anything. Honestly let’s make a world where people can say and do what they want hopefully someone in power doesn t become like the mass of dumbasses and start another genocide because we all know Hitler was famous just for speaking his mind.

  62. Well I don’t need to say that it’s obvious she is possessed with black people…as much as she writes I actually think that deep down she wishes she’d be black. You can not hate that much without a huge amount of love for the exact same thing. I on my account don’t really care about her…I’m worried for her and people like her for they must have a lack of something…I dunno what it is for I have love for all races but there must be something broken. So now Jenny Hyun said what she thought and the whole world stops just to run her down? She got what she needed, she loves the attention…this is the behaviour of a psychopath and I’m not saying it out of anger or as an insult but simply clinical. I can’t say that I wasn’t full of emotions once I read her tweets but after a while I wasn’t worried that much…I am relieved that we live in a world where the majority understands that someone like her whether black or white talking the way she did is irrational and a mental case. I hope she’ll get better and I hope she’ll come to senses…I don’t believe she will but I think she st least realized that she ain’t that special…what makes me sad is that now I do understand how people can generalize one persons behaviour to a whole race…like now without wanting to I feel like all koreans have that thinking and I know it’s becaue I’ve never been to korea but I certainly won’t go there anytime soon as other people won’t go to germany anytime soon…for I find it strange that people like her can still survive in koreans business and keep their job. I do not agree with whoever said that outside of the United States there’s a lot of hate towards black people I’ve been to almost every continent except of Australia and I can’t recall a time when I was confronted with hate. Maybe ignorance but the air was cleared easily. So there are a lot of people who are ignorant even in the black community and there are others who are just full of hat but still Love and hate are intimately linked within the human brain hate is often considered to be an evil passion that should, in a better world, be tamed, controlled and eradicated. Yet love is often seemingly irrational and can lead individual to heroic and evil deeds… so she can say all she wants but she is probably in love with this chocolate skin. As for Mayweather I don’t see the racism…but maybe it’s cuz I’m black…I mean I heard people say all the hype around Jaden Smith when playing karate kid was because he was black- he was good but the other kids were definitely better than him etc. now I thought they were right about that…it’s true the hype around Jeremy Lin is cuz of his race and he should embrace it…he is a hero to the asian community for a reason- because he is indeed an ASIAN guy in a so called black sport- and I don’t think it was an easy A for him to get in. I just thought it was unnecessary for Mayweather to point it out and to damp spirits by writing it-and ignorant but it was no racism… I assumed it was out of jealousy and childish. As for Ms. Hyun…I don’t care about her…I don’t even WANT her to like black people I would run if I’d ever see her on the street- I would run for my life I just saw all your comments and thought I should share my opinion. Every race, every person and every living creature is here for a reason and since we are not the ones who created any of this we are not to decide what should happen with any race, person or living creature.

  63. @Turn up the love: lets not start to talk about race…cuz anything you said and will say can be overruled by me-trust me. I know as a fact that any hate you feel is because you actually love black folks. I’ve turned german Nazi’s to devoted Christians- and I’m not joking…I was a little kid and didn’t care about black and white and didn’t know about hatred against other races since I was taught to respect everyone. There ain’t no such thing as racism it’s just fear, jealousy and extreme love. You know how you always wanna convince someone that you’re telling the truth when lying? Sometimes you even overdo it even though the other person doesn’t care that much whether it’s true or not…yeah that’s all it is. Racists live in extreme cause that’s the only way of staying focused on hating. It’s like a fat child in a chocolate shop…I mean the only way it could get through it without nibbling is by convincing itself that it hates chocolate ;)…. make love not war hahaha peace.

  64. How funny. I think the Chinese character for Hyun means ‘black’ if it’s the same character as a friend of mine.

    Don’t let this turn into a race war. Please let it be about stupid people vs stupid people. That’s what it clearly is.

  65. What Floyd said was not racist, but he shouldn’t have said it b/c Lin worked really hard to get all this attention/recognition. He deserves it and I’m happy for him. What ESPN said was racist. “Blank in armor”…..really ESPN? Why Jenny didn’t mention espn’s article? It’s sad and scary that some people still feel that way towards any race of people.

  66. I love Jenny Hyun for speaking the TRUH!

  67. 1. Blacks bring the hate on themselves with their obnoxious culture, bad attitudes, and absolute refusal to take responsibility for ANYTHING.

    2. We are essentially tribal in nature. Always have been, always will be. It’s a part of our biology. Racism is an outgrowth of tribal preservation. When it comes down to the brass tacks, we align ourselves with those who are like us, and we resist those who are different in order to survive and keep the resources for our own kind to survive. That will never change.

    3. How do we eliminate race? Eliminating ‘races’ seems to be many peoples’ answer – so how? Breed it out until there is only one color? Guess what – that color will look more White than Black. Blacks are a minority on the planet. The non-black gene pool far outnumbers them. Excellent solution there, all you open minded idiots – to prove how much you love the Blacks, you’re solution is to breed them out of existence. Why can’t Blacks just clean up their own trash and then join the rest of civilized society? Seems like that would work better for them in the long run.

  68. While the entire eradication of blacks is extreme and obviously unrealistic, when it comes to the rest, I agree 100% with Jenny Hyun. What a “coincidence” that 98% of the trouble here in the area I live in is caused by BLACKS. It’s hell. Whether it be a corner store robbery, street shootout, mini-riot, vandalism, gang-up beating, homicide, rape, or any other crime that’s gone on. My grandmother’s purse has been snatched out of her arms four times. Each time, the thief was none other than a *drumroll* black male! What a surprise!

    Not to mention the complete disregard for manners and education. I’ve noticed that black “women” are some of the most obnoxious b*tches on the face of the earth. Not only in my city, but in almost every other area I’ve spent time in, or have friends in. And don’t even get me started on their lifestyle. Psh. It’s just too much to list. I could go on and on. They’re unbearable. It’s like having to live among roaches.

    I agree with ‘Youdontgetit’. Why can’t these goddamn apes just get themselves the f*ck together? And then they have the nerve to complain about how they’re being “oppressed” by the white man?

  69. It’s always so much easier to form opinions about strangers based on their demographics than to take the time and effort to get to know an individual and judge him/her on their own merits. There isn’t an ethnic group in the world that doesn’t have its kind, thoughtful and elegant people as well as its criminals and lowlifes. But as comedian Jackie Mason once said, without some generalizations there could be no science of sociology.

  70. Hell yeah! tell them stupid niggers off!

  71. Its alot of the the poor people who are the ones doin shit that gets on the news. Yes it’s easy to blame black people but white people and here in Texas, the Mexicans do stupid shit too. Ghetto people who deliberately act ghetto cause they think they badass or something need a good rod up the ass. Just cause yo po dont mean you gotta be actin foolish. Its real easy to fall into a racist mindset. Im a couple sentences away from reverting.Asians commit crimes too. Just we don’t see alot of jackie chan mug shots.

    But black people are obnoxious. Not the professor olgevee types but the saggy pants niggas. I lold at the whales have big dicks too.

  72. I had never even heard of Jenny Hyun prior to reading this blog. However, it is good to see that we still have freedom of speech right here in the good old U.S.A. Jenny appears to be intelligent, articulate, beautiful woman, and most importantly, she calls them as she sees them! Good for her! She is definitely my kind of gal …

  73. Blacks bring the hate on themselves with their obnoxious culture, bad attitudes, and absolute refusal to take responsibility for ANYTHING.

    Hmm — I’m a college graduate ((Ivy League) homeowner, gainfully employed, etc. and I’m black. This “stupid ape” is quiet and soft-spoken, and likes to read and garden. I guess black people like me don’t exist, huh?

    I’ve been all over the world and only on one occasion did I experience racism.

    As for 97 percent of white people not wanting to date blacks, where did you get that statistic? I’m divorced now but my ex-husband is white and my sister (now widowed) married a white man, so apparently not all white people think we are so hideous.

  74. Youdontgetit – 03/16/2012 at 1:52 am
    1. Blacks bring the hate on themselves with their obnoxious culture, bad attitudes, and absolute refusal to take responsibility for ANYTHING.

    2. We are essentially tribal in nature. Always have been, always will be. It’s a part of our biology. Racism is an outgrowth of tribal preservation. When it comes down to the brass tacks, we align ourselves with those who are like us, and we resist those who are different in order to survive and keep the resources for our own kind to survive. That will never change.

    3. How do we eliminate race? Eliminating ‘races’ seems to be many peoples’ answer – so how? Breed it out until there is only one color? Guess what – that color will look more White than Black. Blacks are a minority on the planet. The non-black gene pool far outnumbers them. Excellent solution there, all you open minded idiots – to prove how much you love the Blacks, you’re solution is to breed them out of existence. Why can’t Blacks just clean up their own trash and then join the rest of civilized society? Seems like that would work better for them in the long run.

    oh man, you’ve got a lot, a lot, to learn my friend.

    Your idea of ‘civiized’…man, read some new books. You are narrowly informed. I encourage you to discover the truth of the majority of African-American people here in the US. You. Will. Be. Amazed.

    We are the ish:-) and on the rise. you’ll remember this comment in the upcoming years when you see what i mean.

    Open your eyes, turn off your tv. We need enlightenment especially on the subject of race, from all colors across the globe.

    The world, in fact, would be so so sad without Black people. Believe it!

    And by the way, since Black people’s genes are so dominant, the final color of a raceless world, would undoubtedly be a brown, not a white. We would probably all look of brown mixed race. duh.

  75. I’m black-and proud; I’ve never heard of this lady-but more power to her for expressing her 5th amendment rights. I wish people could all just get along and get over themselves. God bless you all. Most of you certainly need it!

  76. 1st amendment that is-oh how I live my I-phone!

  77. How could a Asian person say eradicate all blacks? Ok dummy you’ll still be here with people that will call you a chink / gook / stank chank / slanted eye yellow man/woman, every name under the sun but only blacks is your problem lmao because you obviously don’t know your truest enemy , mayweather didn’t put that hate in you ! It was always there. You are a disgrace to humanity point blank period so be at peace with your self cause you are gonna need it when no one else will be willing to give it to you except the ones you will be leading to a big giant mental hell lmao.

  78. Honestly, I didn’t really find what Mayweather to have said particularly racist. Racism denotes an attitude of superiority. I think to American media the idea of any race being good at a sport known to be dominated by one group is common. This is one of the reasons why Tiger Woods got so much press in the beginning (until he proved that he actually was better than anyone else) The same holds true for women in male dominated sports. Danika’s record is pretty abysmal, but she still keeps getting a lot of coverage, if she were a man you wouldn’t even see her name mentioned.

    It certainly seems a lot of people are very quick to try and accuse black people of reverse racism at the drop of a hat so that they can in turn spew some truly racist remarks out in the open.

  79. Maybe all her friends got a taste of some Black (OCK and she didn’t……

    Every time I go Home to Korea, the guys and girls there say thing like “Black people have perfect Bodies, I think dark skin is attractive, My Teacher is Black and she’s Hot”, So we can’t really say asians don’t like Black People.

    or Maybe She’s Just Defending Other Asians like Pacquiao

  80. Alright, I’ve seen some of the comments here. Some of the people here have good talking points while others are probably just being trolls or full of hate. Either way, whatever Jenny Hyun said is not true. She could’ve been having a bad day or someone could’ve put her up to it. Hell, she could’ve been having a meltdown from her mental illness. I’m part black and part white and I don’t agree with the stupid rant she did on twitter. And for the record, she’s Korean-American not a Korean foreigner so her words don’t speak for Asians or Asian-Americans.

    Not only does she need help, her career will most likely go down the toilet and she’ll probably never write music again. As far as TurnUpTheLove is concerned, you definitely need to get your facts straight. Dating websites don’t represent how the majority of Americans feel towards black people. And yes, a lot of black people are mixed with other races especially white. You should also consider the fact that interracial dating/marriage is becoming increasingly popular as the years go by.

    In conclusion, everyone should just get over race even if they’re over 20 or 30 years old. It’s the 21st Century!

  81. I also wanna say to TurnUpTheLove that you’re nothing but a miserable person who’s no better than Jenny Hyun. Yes, I know about the skin lightening creams and because of you, I’m considering using some on my skin to make myself look lighter. Thanks for destroying a black person’s confidence. 🙁

    You’re just another lowlife who wants to make black people look like they’re undateable, but it’s not working. Many people of other races (including Asian) have married black people so your points aren’t valid at all. Political correctness has little (if anything) to do with hating another race. You can come from a conservative family and marry someone from another race and be fine with it. It has happened especially with some religious Christians. In other words, you should just shut up and quit while you’re ahead. Whatever information you’re getting is from some random website not statistics.

  82. I meant to say in my late comment that political correctness has little (if anything) to do with accepting another race. It all depends on the person no matter if they’re liberal or conservative.

  83. Ok, so in response to the ppl not spewing hatred, this Jenny woman knew exactly what she was doing, and maybe she had a few drinks or was having a bad day.. But again at the end of the day she knew that it would cause a firestorm and bring attention to her.. It’s the same as Paris Hilton or Kim K. doing porn.. So the less attention that we all pay her the better.. Now, what Floyd said I truly do not find racist.. He belittled no one, he just doesn’t agree with it.. I dont agree with all the attention that Tim Tebow is getting for doing very, very little in the NFL to deserve it.. Does that make me a racist??

  84. HA. My goodness, there isn’t a single darn thing that a racist won’t the defend, is there?” Some damaged crazy rat talks about genocide but that totally okay because look at the these ridiculous stereotypes about black people! Please ignore the ridiculous stereotypes about MY race, that’s totally irrelevant! ” And to Youdon’tgetit, who is probably long gone, dear GODS you are an idiot. I’m going to have to echo MIA and say read a book.

    1) The filthy horrible terrible so very bad American black culture influence a lot of music and dance. Notice Jackson’s and Hammer’s dances in PSY’s video? Notice the heavy influence hip and RNB in KPOP songs. Yeah. Oh, btw, the idea that that a population that nears a billion is some how all exactly alike and needs eradicate based on stereotypes can only be produced by a damaged and diseased mind.

    Lastly, GENETICS DON’T EFFEN WORK THAT WAY! And I have no idea what race you are for sure, but I’m assuming you are white. Please help me clean up our ‘trash’, will you? You know, the serial killers, the mass murders( it’s a shooting everyone other day now ), the racist violent hicks, rapist,the guys who have no idea about the female reproduction system and the the female body cut shut down and prevent a pregnancy after a rape, the guys who think consensual out of wedlock sex and the resulting pregnancy is rape, the ones a little to eager to wipe out other races, and the ones who want to turn America back to Jim Crow so we can meet up with the black people in civilized society?

  85. i agree. blacks should be extincted. so is americans. these races should be wiped out of the face of the earth. 1 is all niggers, including sand. second is americans. other whites are cool. and lastly the chinese. because they are ignorant and stupid. then the world will be at peace.

  86. I commend your thoughts. I am hispanic from the southwest. I wish i would of become a molecular biologist to create a race specific virus with a 100% mortality rate. Im sick if niggers acting like everyone owes them. Hispanics are discriminated by white america as well but we hold jobs and support our families unlike those black american welfare recipients. Out west the hispanic gangs are forcibly removing blacks from thier nieborhoods. Its leave or die type mentality. Lets face it blacks are parasitic. They have no past or future besides slavery. They create false histories. They say they were pharoes. Thats bullshit. They were slaves. They claim to be moirish yet their religion in america was founded by a child molester. Wake up america. Blacks are our enemies. They are a black plauge. They should be sent back to africa. They claim they were even in the aztec and mayan periods. They were but instead of rulers as they claim they were slaves kept like exotic pets. They were not sacraficed to the sun because they were believed to be sub human not fit for an offering . Its funny they claim to have built the pyramids but pyramids in asia and central and south america predate egyptian ones by over 10,000 years. They cant even suppirt themselves or thier families much less build a pyramid. They are mentaly inferior. Who was a black philosipher in history? After aparthied ended with in 7 years the richest farmland lay in waste. The africans were mire intent on raping and killing then bieng productive. Even god hated negros. In the bible gid out a mark on the children of cain to set them apart from the rest if all gods children. The only people vastly differenr then all other races is? Thats right. The mark if cain is africans. They can try to breed outside thier race but they will never be socially acceptable. I know black people will talk shit, but dont run your mouths. Just come out to az or ca and come into the heart if aztlan and try to move your black aids infested families into our nieborhoods and see how long you last you filthy monkeys.

  87. @daniel
    We act like we owe people something? says the group of people that thinks everything should be in Spanish you stupid spic. Hold jobs? maybe mowing lawns and cleaning shit out of toilets, but you dont have real jobs, and most whites are on welfare, hold on do you even know what im saying or do you need el translato? Your into those shitty areas because you asshole are proving how more violent you are than the blacks hahahahaha XD stupid beaners, you idiots talk down to black people and its funny beacuse you idiots are the least educated 😉 barely 13% of you have degrees and you also have the highest high school dropout rates haha and your high school completion is the lowest and lower than native americans haha FUCKING NATIVE AMERICANS! they arent even 1% of the population and you have lower rates than them, you spics are funny hombre. Also what was this you can support your families? What?????? you idiots have the lowest incomes hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha XD you cant even afford to send your nasty spic kids to school, but when they do go the teachers have to dumb down the system, and you still fail, and bro nothing good has come from latin america lol. You idiots havent done anything for this country, but blacks, asians, and whites have, but somehow we have to learn spanish for you all because you spics cant get past the language barrier? FUCK OUTTA HEAR BEANER! Its also funny because you spics along with whites think that africans are retardted, but yet they are the most educated group in the US, Canada, and the Uk. Maybe you, Pablo, and Juan can learn something from them rather than immigrating and causing problems. One last thing i would like to add is that not even the smartest people in the world are hispanic/latino (whatever) the man with the highest IQ is a korean man followed by a white man, and then a full blooded NIGERIAN BLACK AFRICAN MALE. We even have you beat in something we are deemed retarted in. We have you beat in soccer Pele is Brazilian but black we have you assholes beaten in basketball, football, education, income, and morals you fake catholics, so why don’t you go back to your shit mexico you nasty stupid spics, FUCK YOU ALL! 🙂

  88. I can’t wait for the apocalypse.
    People in general are out of control. We should all die. This world needs a restart……


  89. i think i just stopped caring about the hate. I have become numb to this subject.


  91. I have her in my prays… The same goes to everyone else on this blog who responded with hate. You believe by downing one person who did something bad and not a whole race, somehow it makes you a better person? Are you not at her level now or at Korean guy’s or turnupthelove’s. no matter how you justify your actions, wrong is still wrong and hate is still hate. You cannot drive out darkness with darkness, only with light will the darkness fade. For the record I am black and I couldn’t easily hate for this or be angery, but after reading a lot of comments posted here, I am only left with sorrow. God Bless you all, believer or not God Bless you all…

  92. I think she buried herself,but,unfortunately,she dirtied most Asians,especially Koreans (Koreans are rumored to be racists everywhere!)
    Now her promising career will take a nose-dive:http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=678637
    Funny thing is Koreans,and other Asians seem to envy the creative artistic and sports talents of blacks otherwise there wouldn’t be this craze about hip-hop,and the off-shoots of Japanese pop(where K-pop comes from)and some Filipinos trying to imitate the great Black singers.
    And again,funny thing, Jenny Hyun tweeted about “Big Dicks” as if she was obsessed with them,but was denied the “privilege” of enjoying one? They say “Hell has no fury like a scorned woman” And there rumors she slept with one of her older white men reps? liek a slut screwing her way to the top?And worst of all,she said “not Black America,but Asian America?”Phew! Asians are presently considered below White, Blacks and Latinos by mayority of ethnic group members.
    My advice to Jenny,and many other Korean racists,is don’t dirty the perception of Koreans,as they already have a lot of pressure from their inferiority complex,feeling lower than Japanese,Chinese,and even Indian-Americans(statistically,Indians have the highest income of any ethnic group in America,including over whites!) Also Jenny portrays the hidden,but factual hatred of Koreans toward other minorities,and how Koreans want to “pretend” they are “like-whites”, not on their wildest dreams! They are still under the above mentioned minorities Black and Latinos. Just look at Hollywood best paid actors and actresses! And Ironically,many pretty Korean(including Korean American)girls fantasize about competing with the many white chicks who are now the favorite girl-toys of wealthy blacks. Tough luck though,as it’s evident that rich,and even working class blacks, prefer White,and Latino chicks!LOl

  93. This b1tch is right. kill em off see what happens. we ll have boots on mars the next day with all the dough saved.

  94. smelly donkey eyes yellow asian bitch.. with your monkey looking face and monkey asian tiny body… Gooks , yellow chinks.. ahahah lol.. this bitch is funny.. did she looked herself in the mirror.. asian people look so FUNNY… I always laugh when I see one of those GOOKS.. sorry guys but i can’t stop laughing.. lol.. sometimes i think black and white peoples who dates those GOOKS must be blind and retarded.. Asian look like alien my gosh ..lol

  95. niggers gonna nig and she said it like it is. Blacks are worthless. So go chimp out or something. Leave us white folks to advance the world so you can use stuff we think up you will never understand.

  96. for all the hates god bless you beause u need it aand by the way I am a black female and beautiful one at that