This is some really awesome news in terms of seeing our fellow Asian sisters excelling and doing well in mainstream media roles. For all the non Americans TBS is a TV network which has a number of known comedies as well as interesting drama type programs. JENIFFER KIM who worked at TBS as a an Original Programming Executive has just been promoted to Senior VP of Original Programming. Variety continues this news:

Thom Hinkle has been upped to executive VP of original programming. Jeniffer Kim has advanced to senior VP of original programming. Both executives report to Brett Weitz, TBS’ exec VP of programming.

“Thom and Jen have had a tremendous impact on TBS’ success and I couldn’t imagine better partners, or a better team, in this business,” Weitz said. “Thom’s passion and instincts are second-to-none, and Jeniffer’s creativity and dedication continue to drive us forward. Everything they’ve dished out in the past two years has topped the charts and transitioned TBS into a comedy powerhouse.”

Kim has been with TBS since 2006. Most recently she’s worked on such series as “Wrecked,” “People of Earth,” and new episodes of “American Dad.”

Congratulations Jeniffer, let’s hope to see more awesome work from you and your team!

Image via Variety

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