I am personally against any type of extreme nationalism no matter where it comes from. This one is no exception. A Chinese nationalist ( maybe a Wu Mao) has gone online to attack Jay Chou’s wife Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) on Weibo for supporting the pro independence movement in Taiwan. There is no evidence that Quinlivan has ever made any political statements, so no one really knows where this comes from. Quinlivan is an actress and model who has a Chinese Korean mother and a white Australian father.  She has starred in some famous Taiwanese variety show and drama series and married Chou in 2015. The couple have a son and daughter. 

According to the Shanghaiist, Quinlivan was attacked for an interview 5 years ago when she said: 

that she is a “citizen” of Taiwan, posting screenshots from an interview conducted five years ago from when she had just returned from a trip to Australia. “I represent the citizens of Taiwan and Australia, so I can help to advance [relations between Taiwan and Australia],” read the subtitles in the screenshots.

The Weibo user also calls out Jay Chou, writing, “Jay Chou, you are Chinese, but does your woman need to be educated?“

Quinlivan has since responded with a brief statement to Apple Daily saying:

“I don’t know much about politics and I’m not interested in it. I am focused on the work that I love and my family,” 

It appears that other Taiwanese actors have also been targeted this way. Really this type of shit needs to stop in my opinion.

Images via Shanghaiist

To read the original article, please click on: Chinese nationalist accuses Jay Chou’s wife of supporting Taiwanese independence