When I was a teenager I was in love with “TUXEDO MASK” of anime “SAILOR MOON”. I remember thinking – “geez, he would be the ideal man for me to get married to one day”… alas, I did somehow wake myself up and realize that he is a fictional animated character and that in now way would I be able to fulfill that dream ever – well not in our reality that is.

So this is why I emphasize with this Japanese woman who is so in love with “Dragon Ball” villain “FRIEZA”, that she told her mother that she could not marry any human, because her love for “FRIEZA” was real. The woman goes by Twitter handle “Fau”, and she made her devoted decision at the age of 19 years old. However, her mother who couldn’t take this “fake reality” devotion, pretty much had to pull her back down to earth when she told “Fau”:

Why, indeed, would Lord Frieza care about a human girl? He’s too busy trying to eradicate the Saiyans and maintain his position as Emperor of the Universe.

Words of truth. Here is more from Sora News 24:

She wrote on Twitter that when she told her mom this, her mom had a fantastic response that she still remembers clearly today:


Translation: “I devoted my first love to Lord Frieza, and I loved him so much that when I was 19, I told my mom, ‘I love Lord Frieza so much. I just don’t think I could ever love a human, so I won’t get married. I’m sorry.’ My mom replied, completely seriously, ‘Do you think Lord Frieza, who has the power to destroy entire planets, would ever have feelings for a mere human girl like you?’”

There is a part of me which hopes she doesn’t give up on this alternate reality love, and another part of me which is kicking myself saying: if she devotes herself to “FRIEZA” she will never get married in this lifetime. I guess at the end of the day it is her decision to make only.

Images via Sora News 24

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