This will be for your “what in the actual fuck” files. A Taiwanese man has been arrested for throwing a container of semen at a Japanese woman as she walks down the street in Shilin District, Taipei. This happened on November 12. The 38 year old unemployed Taiwanese man only known as “HSU”, apparently pushed out his own semen into a container and waited for an unsuspecting victim to throw his semen at.

The 43 year old Japanese woman known as “Ken Ken” happened to be walking by, and only realized Hsu has thrown the container semen into her hand when she felt some sort of sticky fluid. She turned back and saw Hsu. He then started to follow her, but Ken Ken turned left onto a busy road and lost him – luckily. When she got home, she realized that the fluid was semen from the look and the odor. Her hand also went red and swelled up. She told her husband and went with him to the local police to report the incident. Here is more from Taiwan News:

The woman said that police initially blew off her claims and did not file a report on the standard three-sheet notebook (三聯單), reported ETtoday. It was not until a Taiwanese friend contacted a person they knew in the police department that an investigation was begun three days later, according to Apple Daily.

However, police deny that they ignored the woman, saying that it was instead a misunderstanding due to the language barrier, despite the efforts of her Taiwanese friend who tried to translate.

Police then reviewed surveillance footage and were able to trace Hsu’s movements to his residence in Datong District, where they arrested him. After police showed Hsu footage of the assault, he confessed to his vile crime.

Hsu told police he had been watching Japanese pornographic videos which depicted similar acts and he enjoyed watching the shocked reaction of women when he hurled semen on them. Hsu said that when he felt under a lot of pressure, he would release it by tossing semen on unsuspecting women as they walked by, according to Apple Daily.

He said that when he saw Ken Ken walking alone, he could no longer restrain himself and acted out his fantasy. Hsu claimed the liquid was not harmful because it was “pure” semen and he did not add any other materials.

Hsu said he felt very remorseful about what he did to the Japanese woman. Hsu’s case has been transferred to the Shilin District Prosecutor’s Office on charges of assault and sexual harassment.

The good news is the Hsu has been arrested, and clearly he has issues, so hope this arrest will allow him to deal with his issues. Sickening perverted man. 

Images via Taiwan News

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