This is pretty amazing. Tomoya Hosoda is only 25 and has recently been elected as Councillor  (Council Member) for the city of Iruma, in the central region of Kanto. This is so awesome as it is the first in the world for a transgender man to be ever elected to public office. But remember the Phillipines in their last national elections elected a transgender woman Geraldine Roman to Congress, so yay for Asia! The Independent continues:

Mr Hosoda said he does not just want to fight for LGBTQ rights but also for the rights of the disabled and the elderly, by constructing a system that embraces diversity and helps minorities, Japanese media reports

“Until recently, people have acted as if sexual minorities do not exist. We have many hurdles to overcome, but I hope to live up to everyone’s expectations”, he told Stonewall, an organisation which supports LGBTQ people in Japan.

He added having received many messages of support and gratitude from the LGBTQ community ever since he announced his candidacy.

Mr Hosoda is the second transgender politician elected in Japan after Kamikawa Aya, a transgender woman who was elected as a Tokyo municipal official in 2003.

Mr Hosoda officially changed his name and gender in the family registry in 2015 after having come out and transitioned.

He has participated at various LGBTQ events and rook part in the Out in Japan campaign, an initiative to highlight the presence of homosexual and trans people in Japan.

Let’s hope we can see more of this happening all over the world, and what a great thing to see this happen in Asia.

Images via The Independent

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