Check out this cool video from artist/photographer Trey Ratcliff. He uses a slow-motion technique to capture images of “normal” life in Japan, which apparently includes a bunch of monkeys hanging out in a hot spring (at 1:56).

Makes me miss Japan. Anyone want to subsidize a trip for me to do research in the Land of the Rising Sun for a super-secret project that I guarantee will make you millions? Yup, that’s the ticket…

Happy weekend!

(via Tokyomango)


  1. That’s a pretty awesome vid! I want those umbrellas those women were holding! I really liked the song that was playing too-does anyone know the name of that song?

  2. The song is called Disappear Here from Hybrid (one of me favorite electronica bands).

    This video is awesome! Japan and slo-mo is a perfect combination. Monkeys freaked me out, but still awesome.