Love Doll brothels aren’t new to Japan, but it seems that business at these establishments has been booming lately. For those who don’t know what a Love Doll brothel is, it’s like a regular brothel except the prostitutes aren’t human, but rather blow-up sex dolls.

Now, I can sort of see the appeal of dolls. You can dress them up however you want—many of the brothel customers like to make up the dolls like their favorite manga or anime characters. You can do whatever you want to them without them protesting or calling you a sick degenerate. And after you’ve had sex and all you want to do is just go to sleep or eat a sandwich, they won’t be yapping away about how their day was or asking you about your “feelings.” But still, if you’re going to pay money for it, why not with a real woman?

Part of the reason might have to do with the quality of the dolls themselves. When we think of sex dolls here in the U.S., many of us picture something cheap and tawdry like this:

But in Japan, these dolls are big business and the high quality, realistic models (complete with a metal skeleton and multiple joints that allow the doll to move like a real woman) could cost more than $6,000. Hell, you can even get dolls with all sorts of “cool” features including virgin dolls with pop-able hymens. There may be guys who can’t afford to buy such expensive dolls themselves so these brothels allow them to have the experience without having to go broke.

I suppose the one advantage the doll whores have over their real-life counterparts is that you don’t have to worry about STDs or an unwanted pregnancy although I hope the brothels thoroughly clean the dolls after each customer.

But I still don’t see the appeal of a doll over the real thing so if anyone wants to enlighten me further, please do. But hey, if paying good money to fuck a doll that looks like an anime character is your thing, more power to you! But I wonder if these brothels offer “alternatives” if you swing a different way:

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  2. I’m tellin’ ya, Phil: it’s worth the paper to get the plastic so you don’t have to wear the rubber.

  3. The superman picture CREEPS ME OUT!

  4. hahaha “Turn your pillow into the biggest toy ever!” — wait. Now I’m confused. Is it an inappropriately suspicious-looking child’s toy, or is that little boy playing with a MASTURBATOR!?