Like father like daughter. Who says Donald Trump is the only one who is able to get away with putting out “fake news”? It apparently runs in the family. Trump’s daughter/wife Ivanka tweeted this out:

Unfortunately for Ivanka, this Chinese proverb isn’t a Chinese proverb. In fact, the quote is usually attributed to the Irish and very white playwright George Bernard Shaw, but even that apparently is not factually correct. While the saying has been attributed to “Confucius” and “China” that was apparently by white folks who either did it as a joke (“Confucius say…” jokes were not uncommon at one time in America) or just made it the fuck up.

In other words…FAKE NEWS!

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ivanka read the saying in a fortune cookie and decided to tweet it out. So in that spirit, let me leave you with another famous Chinese proverb that feels appropriate today: “Fuck Trump”


  1. When in doubt, make crap up — famous Trump Family proverb