We’re CRAZY about socks! Hi there, Director Rommel Andaya here! Somehow this is my second film about socks. You can check out the award winning “Dirty Sock” on the RAWMIX Productions’ YouTube channel.

This was my first time doing the Interpretations project. I was familiar with the first one and I was glad that they did it again so that I can participate.  I found it very challenging to have limited dialogue. But I love challenging myself as a filmmaker so I can strengthen my story telling skills. Plus I knew we had a cool story that people can relate to.

We bounced around ideas about this phenomenon only happening to one specific dryer or exploring the life of the person receiving the missing socks. But in the end, the current state of the short film worked out better.

This was my first time working with Dia Frampton and my second time working with Michael Kuya. Both did incredibly well and we pulled it all off in a one day shoot. Chout out to my awesome crew, Andrew, Rebecca, Will and Langdon! Only issues that we came across was the heat when we had to turn off the AC for sound and landing the bunch of socks perfectly onto Will’s face. Other than that, we wrapped the night with a pie from the Pie Hole.

Please watch our li’l short about socks, SOCKS FOR YOU over at the Interpretations website … aand if you LIKE it, vote for us and leave us a comment. Thanks!