That’s right, I’ll be live-blogging during our sold-out filmmaking panel INTERPRETATIONS: So You Really Want To Make Films? starting around 2 PM PST this Sunday, May 2, so if you can’t make it in person, you can follow all the action right here (keep clicking that refresh button). Looks like there is wireless available at the DGA where the panel is taking place, but if we were misinformed and there isn’t, you’ll be hitting refresh and seeing a blank page on Sunday which could be fun too. But never fear, fellow Offender Anderson will also be tweeting during the panel so you can follow him via our Twitter too.

We’ll be launching our Interpretations Film Initiative this weekend at the panel and on a new website devoted just to this program which will go live this weekend at www.interpretationsfilm.com. I’m sure some of you may be confused about what exactly Interpretations is, so your questions should be answered this weekend. In the meantime, check out this cool teaser promo that my fellow Offender David put together:

Sunday’s panel is FREE thanks to the generosity of Toyota and though it’s technically sold-out (though if you’re at the fest, check with the DGA box office to see if they have any extra ticks they’re unfairly hoarding), we will do our best to try to get in as many people as we can. See you then! And check out the rest of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Fest which is taking place right now.


  1. trailer gives me a “catch me if you can” vibe

    which is awesome

  2. Well, I’ll be there. Working Guest Services.

  3. how many dragons will be working guest services?

  4. How about filming the panel?