This is a new commercial for Japan’s bullet train that’s making the rounds in that country. The concept is pretty simple but damn if it’s not effective: on March 12, the day after the devastating earthquake, this train made its usual trip across the southern island of Kyushu and a camera crew filmed all the people who showed up along the route to cheer it along.

According to reports, the conductor and camera crew were crying the whole time as they saw all the people who came out to offer their support. Check it out:

(via Tokyomango)


  1. awwww……thx. Reminds me of some of the old Coca-Cola commercials. 🙂

  2. Not to be a downer but saw this comment on YouTube:

    “Japan Railway released this commercial announcing the opening on Kyushu Bellet Train Line which connects to the main island on May 12. They informed locals that they would be filming the commercial and asked them to show up for the ad. This commercial was made long befoe disaster and it started to air? in March but soon pulled after the disaster on March 11. People who made comments here were touched by a commercial as it has such an uplifting message of national solidarity like this moment.”

    But, still, it is uplifting and good to see.