Inefficient BELLIGERENCE on Top of the World

By Edwin Chen

Asians working together with the world, will improve the living standards for all. Asians working against each other, will waste vast sums of money, and leave less in the future to withdrawal; it is inefficient belligerence, and that will slow global growth down to a pitiful crawl. Asians fighting proxy wars with one another, shall discombobulate into more violent geopolitical brawls. India is the subcontinent where the Buddha’s teachings first flourished; born from the bosom of Nepal, enlightened through his suffering and pain, Siddhartha Gautama reminds us one and all, that we need to stop this Himalayan border clash and rain; this before we set off an Armageddon thermonuclear chain; cooler, calmer and more caring leaders must cooperate and carefully act more sane. Why is there now so much fear of the nation of China, that working with her people seems so terrifying or scary? Why can’t you look to her past and vast celestial history, and see how much prosperity trading with China left those partners more merry. Now, is an era of great apprehension, as the mighty Chinese Dragon rises again; across the Himalayas grows more tension, and I promise to try and mend these fences, or I am not the Chinese American Civil, Human & Political Rights Activist, named Edwin Chen. I shall fulfill my prophesized destiny, and sacrifice for a more peaceful Asia, and world. I can feel my Chinese ancestors have spiritually, genetically and metaphysically put their best into me; and this fidelity vested in me, shall not be wasted, withered or unfurled. In the end, my future, lies in trying to save more of our globalized and interconnected world.