So this love story is going viral online about the love between an Indonesian woman and her Korean sweetheart. This lovely woman is named Vera Nanda Putri, who initially fell in love with Korean culture after watching Korean reality series Running Man. This motivated her to learn the Korean language, and did this in 2015, where she studied Korean at Seoul National University. And within a year she met the love of her life, graphic designer Jun.

Their love developed like any other – you know over time, going on dates, hanging out etc, but when it did it was magical and Vera discusses this. Her only concerns was the cultural differences – meaning her being Indonesian and Jun being Korean. Everytime Vera would post about their love/pictures of the couple online, she would attract many haters who made very negative comments. Also they were both from different religious backgrounds and this was a cause of the backlash.

But both Vera and Jun were resilient and pushed their relationship, as Koreaboo continues:

One day, Jun made a call to Vera’s father and asked him for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Vera’s father agreed and Vera along with Jun was ecstatically happy.

Vera and Jun then traveled to Jakarta to formally meet her parents, where Jun made the official proposal.

They officially held their wedding ceremony on February 28, 2017. As for the cultural and religious differences between the two, they found a perfect middle ground where they unified both Minang and South Korean customs.

Although the unlikely couple faced tough difficulties, they were able to receive the type of happy ending that so many people dream of. It was their deep love for each other that made this possible.

Wonderful story to start the weekend, enjoy their cross cultural wedding which was attended by the former Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his wife Ani Yudhoyono.


Good luck to the happy couple and remember love has no boundaries!

Images via Koreaboo and Vera’s Instagram

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