So this video of Chinese tourists on vacation in Thailand attacking the all-you-can-eat buffet at a restaurant in a manner that some have described as “sleazy+greedy+no manners!” has gone viral and many online are angry at the poor manners of these tourists.

Especially when images showed that a lot of the food they hungrily lapped up remained uneaten at the end of the meal.

post-meal damage
post-meal damage

Look, I get it—that video and images like the one above are pretty damning evidence that these are over-privileged, wasteful people, but as someone who’s always seeking to find the positive side of things, I ask that you carefully watch that video again ‘cause what they’re doing might be fucked-up, but damnit, if it’s not art!

Look at the way they’re able to quickly lap up such huge quantities of food using just plates and no utensils. I repeat–no utensils! That’s a form of poetry right there. It’s almost beautiful in its own way.

And if you need further proof that some of our Chinese friends can be artists when it comes to lapping up food, Remember this story about how creative these Chinese folks got when the local Pizza Huts started instituting a “one-trip to the salad bar only” policy?


If that isn’t art, I don’t know what is. Respect yo!

(via Abdul)


  1. sex tourism from Euro pedophiles doesn’t get the same internet outrage from Thailand nor yomyomf? folks sure got their priorities straight! ^_^

  2. Hahaha, love your positive take Phil!

  3. The first positive take I have read about this viral video.

  4. There is actually a real defense you know.

    “However, the restaurant where the video took place released a statement earlier today, putting the chaos into a different context.”

    “In a Chinese-language press statement by Ramayana Restaurant, a subsidiary of King Power…”

    “The statement by Kong Power Duty Free confirmed the incident, but explained it occurred during a peak time for Thailand tourism, and many Chinese tourists were rushing through meals hastily to catch their flights.
    The statement added that crowded scenes seldom happen these days, since the buffet has improved to ensure enough food for all diners, and that travel agencies have adjusted their schedules, giving necessary guidance to tourists on dining manners. To make its case, the King Power uploaded a newly photographed video of tourists dining in its buffet.
    It called on people not to overgeneralize a situation, and to be cautious about the motive of uploading a video shot two years ago.”