I know I have this problem. Whenever my husband and I go to the mall, it is almost as though I am dragging him. He always waits outside holding all the bags if I am in a clothes/accessories or cosmetics store, and always looks glum and bored. So please indulge me if I will say that this idea born out of Shanghai is quite a nifty idea.

The Global Harbour mall in Shanghai has built storage pods made of glass, so that wives can go shopping without the worry of seeing the bored and glum faces of their husbands. These pods have a chair, monitor, computer and gamepad and the husbands can play all the old games from the 90s – you know Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat etc… To use these pods is currently free, but staff have notified the media that soon people will need to scan a QR code and pay a small fee via the use of their mobile devices. 

BBC News continues:

A few men that tried out the pods told The Paper that they thought they were a novel idea.

Mr Yang said he thinks the pods are “Really great. I’ve just played Tekken 3 and felt like I was back at school!”

Another man, Mr Wu, agreed, but said that that he thought there were areas for improvement. “There’s no ventilation or air conditioning, I sat playing for five minutes and was drenched in sweat.”

Incentive to go shopping

The pods have been the source of much humour on Chinese social media, and have sparked debate about whether they could be rolled out even wider.

One user approves the decision, saying that the pods “give these men an incentive to go shopping, and to pick up the bill” for their wives shopping.

But others disagree. “If my husband just wants to go out and play games, what’s the point of bringing him out?”

Yay or nay? You let us know…

Image via BBC News

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