Yea Ji Sea was so highly respected by her supervisors in the U.S. Army that one of them wrote she “volunteers for deployments willing to die for a country she loves… I would trust her with my life and (she) deserves citizenship more than most.”

But Sea, 29, who has lived in the U.S. since she was a child and who served for more than four years in the Army and won two medals, was discharged Friday at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston. Sea lives in fear that she will be deported at any moment.

“Right now I’m just worried about if I should take a flight home or drive home. I don’t know what’s safer,” Sea told the San Antonio Express, explaining that she wants to avoid ICE, which has detained other discharged soldiers, as she heads to Los Angeles. “I’ve been trying to think of the safest route to go back home. I’m going to give myself a couple of more days to think about it.”

Donald Trump’s heartless “zero tolerance” policy towards refugee families applying for asylum appears to be extended towards all undocumented immigrants, even if they have not committed a crime. That includes noncitizen immigrants who thought serving in the military would be a route to citizenship.

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