oh man, it feels good to be back in the USofA. Two months without Mexican food can drive a man crazy. I was forced to go dark for awhile because I think the Ch i n ese government was on to me. I’ll admit, I was a bit frighten when my emails started getting lost or when people started warning me about what I say while I was there especially in Tibet. There were very recent accounts of kidnapping of bloggers in Shanghai which didn’t show the better side of the motherland. Poof, you disappear. Therefore I decided to stop all emails, blogs, or any communications until I was safely out of Chi na. And now that I’m out, I can say anything I want. Speak my mind freely. But I might still go under an alias like Manson.

Before I start catching up about my BJ travels (in blogs to come), so many turn of events took place in the few months I was away. Is 2012 really coming? I guess its good that I know my way around Tibet now. Japan’s tsunami showed again how powerful nature can be, missed the entire March Madness, Middle East revolutions created a stir/party in the world, Barry Bonds doesn’t have to wear a new orange uniform while LA Dodger fans are more scarier than I thought, Obama bombs Libya, then Bin Laden goes for a swim call, but most importantly, Car Talk 2 was released with great feedback and Fast Five made a shitload of money. Did I miss anything? Seems such a long time ago I came to visit on set.

Homesickness was kicking in and I always make a list of must eat’s and do’s. For instance I knocked out Mexican food about an hour off the plane. The succulent taste of a carnitas burrito and carne asade fries melts my heart and colon. And some top notch cheap sushi is a must. Everyone in Hong Kong were complaining about possible radiation. But then all the sushi owners finally admitted their fish wasn’t from Japan, but from mainland China. oops. The spicy tuna roll always brings me to nirvana. Along with everything else. And then there’s the Korean bbq in LA that just takes out any kind of thought of yak I ate for eight days straight in Tibet. In a way, being back is like China’s first week of eating. Damn I love squatters!

On the to-do list is basically watch a movie everyday until…well, until there’s nothing else to watch. I started off in Hong Kong and quickly knocked out Thor and Source Code cuz Fast Five wasn’t out yet here. I have to say, sitting inside a nice theater for two hours makes you totally forget you’re in Asia. It was surreal. And instantly when the credits ran and the lights went up, I had forgotten I was hanging out with a billion other Asian people. So it came down to deciding whether to watch Sucker Punch or Sex & Zen 3D before my flight home. It was really a tough decision cuz I could be part of history and say “I watched Sex&Zen 3D in the theater” but after hearing the reviews about Sucker Punch I could make history there too. After staring at each poster, the perverted choice was obvious. But I can give you just about the same review as most did for Sucker Punch for Sex&Zen with the exception of sex and nudity, the T, the A, and cutting dicks off…in 3D!!! I’m off to watch Fast Five now…in Imax. Its probably the fake Imax but hell, when can I ever actually say I knew someone who made a movie for IMAX.

BTW, all my friends are ragging on me cuz I let Sung hump me. Don’t worry. There’s lost footage where I put up a strong fight and I hump him back. Special thanks to Bobby and Carol who helped me shoot the 2nd episode.


  1. Lmao. That was you in Car Talk?? That’s hysterical. I gotta say, I was having one of the worst damn days of my life, the day I watched that video. I laughed so hard I almost peed myself and after that, my day was just fine. 😉 Thanks so much for letting Sung hump ya for us all to see, and I hope you got a few good ones in too 😀 And welcome back Stateside! Hehe

  2. Luv you Sung…

  3. You’re alive? well good. you guys can hump more.

  4. Great post. Glad you made it back to the States safely! No place like home, right? And what is with you guys and spicy foods? lol.