I used to laugh whenever I saw people getting their cars blessed at Shinto shrines in Japan. Well, I am laughing no longer. Since I bought my Prius two years ago, my eco-conscious move has caused nothing but mishaps:

  1. a log dislodged by a 18 wheeler came hurling at me on the freeway and hit the car
  2. I was backed into in a parking lot by a guy talking on his cell
  3. a construction cone got lodged in the front grill when a truck hit the cone and made it fly into my lane
  4. someone side swiped me from the lane next to mine and drove me up onto the curb.

And now, I find out that I am driving a speeding death trap with sticky pedals.

I never had this much dumb luck with any other car before, so I can only believe it’s the car that’s cursed.

Now, I am in desperate need to find a place to get my car Shinto exorcised. And while I’m at it, I might as well get my laptop blessed. Maybe it will help me write better scripts on it.

Anybody know of a place?


  1. no, but Phil and I can fart in your Prius. if there be ghosts, a nice burrito fart make it right as rain…

  2. Actually I’d say your car has been blessed. All that stuff has happened to you and you’re still alive and writing!

  3. I’ll ask Flo from Progressive Insurance if she can hook you up.

  4. I don’t know, Roger. That seems to constitute more evil in my car. In any case you & Phil are now banned from the Prius!

    M.C., you are a true optimist.

  5. Sorry ’bout the bad car-ma….pun intended.

    Glad you are “ok”. 😀

    Perhaps you should get some “Hollywood stunt driver” credentials to add to your impressive list of accomplishments??

    I think that it is not so much “sticky pedals” as a problem with the software/electronics. Have you gotten the applicable “recalls” performed yet?? Remember, SHIFT TO NEUTRAL with your transmission gear shift if your accelerator/throttle is “stuck”. THIS IS WITH ANY CAR. There is also a popular online forum called [PriusChat] filled with all sorts of Prius-related discussion. http://www.priuschat.com/

    I’m an admin/moderator at the similar sounding but unrelated [SiennaChat]….for the Toyota Sienna minivan. We’ve got our own issues. ~sigh~

    Good Luck!! 8)

  6. love that laptop blessing photo.

    hmmmmm seems like you’ve had your fair share of bad luck w/ your car and should be good to go from now on. that’s my official diagnosis. you’re welcome!

  7. Man, Iris, jot it all down, stick a few fasteners in it, and voila, you’ll have the next Final Destination sequel!