Back in July, when I mentioned to a close friend that I was going to blog for this site and wasn’t sure what topics to tackle, she suggested I write about my long history of pathetic dating experiences. “That should provide you with many years worth of material,” she added.

I think she was kidding. But sadly I have to admit to some colorful (I personally wouldn’t use the word “pathetic”) dating stories and I’ll share one of them here. Let’s call the woman who was the object of my affection “Jane.” She was an attractive Korean American woman who initially seemed like a normal person. Little did I know she was really a…Nazi.

By Nazi, I don’t mean she was overtly anal or mean or anything metaphorical like that. By Nazi, I mean she was a fucking “Heil Hitler” Nazi.

I met Jane twelve years ago when I was a young playwright; working on one of my first plays. We had just mounted the production in Seoul, South Korea at an international theater conference to much acclaim and upon our return to the U.S., we decided to run the show for a couple of weeks in L.A. It was during one of these performances when I first saw Jane.

She came up to me after the show to say how much she enjoyed it. One of the greatest things for any young playwright is when a pretty woman tells you how much she likes your writing. So when Jane raved about my work, it felt really nice. If I meet someone now and they tell me they want to be an actor, immediate red flags go up. But back then, when Jane also added that she wanted to be an actor, I actually thought it was really cool. Oh, I was so young.

I ended up ditching my other friends who had come to the show that evening (including my fellow Offender Roger—sorry, dude) and went to a 24-hour Korean restaurant with Jane. We hit it off and ended up talking all night. As the sun came up over the fading neon of Koreatown and we said our good-byes, I thought I had met a woman who was different from most of the women I had met. Boy, was I ever right.

We made plans to go out the following weekend. I was invited to a party at the home of a former Saturday Night Live producer and thought it’d be nice to take Jane as my date since she wanted to pursue a career in the biz and, hell, it couldn’t hurt to impress her with my seemingly vast industry contacts.

Since the party was close to where I lived, Jane came over to my place so we could go together. As we were driving to the location, I got my first hint that something might not be completely right. I was cruising very slowly down the street where this producer lived so we could read the addresses. When we passed this one house, we could see a young couple enjoying dinner through the window. “I bet they’re Jewish,” she said out of the blue.

I thought that was a strange statement to make, but didn’t think more of it. Let’s just say that back then, I forgave a lot of “flaws” in the women I spent time with if they were hot. Again, I was young.

The party was fun and afterwards, we stopped at a diner for late night dessert. Things were going extremely well and I was hoping a slice of pie here would lead to a slice of…well, something else when we got back to my place. And that’s when it suddenly all came out. I’m not sure how it happened or what prompted it, but I clearly recall the first thing she said that made my jaw drop to the floor: “I think Jews are evil and should be put to death.”

This had to be a joke, right? Wrong! And once this door was open, there was no closing it. She went off on an extended monologue about not only the evil Jews and the myth of the Holocaust, but the inferior Blacks and Latinos and…how Hitler was her hero. It was clear that this was all stuff she needed to get off her chest and tell someone, but why me?!  Did she think I would agree with her? Did she think that whatever connection we had would make me sympathetic? She asked me not to tell anyone else she had these opinions. I was happy to oblige.

I had never heard someone, especially a seemingly normal and intelligent person, say such things. Especially someone so…hot. It was surreal and I responded with numbness and silence. Needless to say, nothing further happened that night. That’s when I should have just cut things off, but did I mention she was so…hot?


More Asian Nazis
More Asian Nazis

So the next week, we went to dinner together. I was determined to get to the root of why she was the way she was. Maybe I had some vague notion that I would show her the error of her thinking and she would reward me with undying thanks and sexual favors. Did I mention I was not only young, but stupid?

I probed her history and background to see if there was something there that might have made her turn out this way. I could find nothing. I tried to explain to her why I felt her views were wrong. I told her how Hitler thought Koreans were an inferior race; that the only Asians he considered “honorary Aryans” were the Japanese—his allies. “Really?” She said. “Well, he was wrong about that.” Ah, was I making headway? “Even great men sometimes make mistakes, but one mistake doesn’t mean he’s not great,” she added. Wow! I even explained to her that if she was planning to work in Hollywood, how a lot of the people in positions of power were Jewish. She was shocked to hear this. “I guess the Jews really do control everything,” she said. “Well, I can always pretend to like them if it helps me with my career. I am an actress after all.”

The sad thing is I was still considering seeing her again after this debacle. But luckily, something she said as we were driving home knocked some sense into me. “I think a guy I know lives around here,” she blurted out. “Maybe I should look him up, go over to his place, and cut his balls off.” OK, thank you and good-bye, you psycho Nazi bitch!

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. The Asian American arts community is a pretty small one (well, at least it was back then) and, although I stopped calling Jane, she started showing up at more and more events on her own. I didn’t want to piss her off because, frankly, I really like my balls, but I wished she wouldn’t try to hang with me at these functions. Since she was being so chummy, people were even asking if she was my girlfriend. Oh God, just strike me dead!

You may be thinking—OK, but it can’t get worse, right? Yes, it can and it did. At the time, we were doing weekly theater workshops that were open to anyone and sure enough, Jane showed up one night to participate. I just could not get away from this woman.

Then, the inevitable happened. After one workshop, everyone was hanging out and talking. I was taking care of something else and wasn’t paying much attention until I noticed a commotion developing.

It turns out Jane had dropped the bomb. For some reason, she had spilled her Nazi opinions to the dozen or so folks gathered. Again, I don’t know why she did this (especially after she asked me not to share her views with anyone else), but now it was all out. As expected, the reaction was stunned silence.

After the others had left, I sat with Jane and tried to explain to her why everyone reacted negatively to her opinions. The whole time I was talking to her, she was focused on her reflection in her compact and the assorted shades of lipstick she was testing on her lips because, as she said, “I’m an actress, I have to try out different looks.” She admitted that she had just been cast in some Korean TV show and her career was going to take off. It was clear nothing I said was getting through to her. I said good night, wished her luck with the TV show and off she went.

Jane stopped coming around after that and though I would see her at the occasional event, she wasn’t as friendly as she used to be. Soon I stopped seeing her altogether. I think it’s been over ten years since I last ran into her. But I hope wherever she is now, she’s found peace and maybe even a little bit of enlightenment. To this day, I have no idea why a nice Korean American girl with a seemingly normal upbringing would grow up to embrace a Nazi philosophy, but, hell, I was an idiot too for hanging around as long as I did.

Finally, I guess there’s always the possibility that Jane may be reading this. If so, I hope you’re well and happy, Jane. I just ask one thing: I really, really like my balls. Please keep that in mind if anything I’ve written here has upset you.


  1. I hear racists are great at bondage.

  2. Korean. American. Nazi. How those three things could even come together as a discription is beyond comprehension.

    glad you survived…for now

  3. Well, Michelle Malkin’s an Asian-American Nazi.


  5. Keep your eyes on your balls. This chick sounds like she can hold a grudge.

  6. Mazletov!

  7. I can relate. I dated a very an extremely sexually talented woman about 15 years ago who was also extremely intelligent. Slowly, but surely, the German in her revealed itself over her beautiful Irish half. She started making remarks like “Jewish men have bad hygiene”, “Asians can’t drive”, and you know the rest of the sick, bigoted stereotypes. In bed, she was as passionate as she was bossy and domineering. I finally wound up naming her “The Shtup Nazi” after “The Soup Nazi” character on Jerry Seinfeld. Shtup, is of course, Yiddish for “screw”, “pork”, “f_ck”, etc. Enjoyed reading about someone else’s similar experience(s).

  8. Meh. I’m not very sympathetic to the Jewish plight anymore. They have a lot of representation in the media to get their messages across. They don’t put us in their movies, why should I give a fuck about them?

  9. I don’t see any problem with her, or me to save you a breath. I want to meet her

  10. In response to “A” who really typifies the knee-jerk, more subtle Korean-nazi response to the world. And by the way, most Korean nazis do not even realize they are nazis… but it’s true that they just don’t care—and they are, of course, better than everyone else. It gets really creepy.

    “Meh. I’m not very sympathetic to the Asian plight anymore. They have a lot of representation in the Asian media to get their messages across. They don’t put us in their movies, why should I give a fuck about them?”

  11. In response to “A” who really typifies the knee-jerk, more subtle Korean-nazi response to the world. And by the way, most Korean nazis do not even realize they are nazis… but it’s true that they just don’t care—and they are, of course, better than everyone else. It gets really creepy.

    In “A”s honor, I wonder it it’s OK if all non-Asians say the below?

    “Meh. I’m not very sympathetic to the Asian plight anymore. They have a lot of representation in the Asian media to get their messages across. They don’t put us in their movies, why should I give a fuck about them?”

  12. If a Korean Nazi girl like that were to marry a white guy, I’d be happy to marry one.

    Nazis racism decreased during the war, in fact during and before the war Americans were more racist. Read some german books on race published during that time, and nazi propaganda to verify.

  13. She sounds HOT ! I am German/Austrian – American and collect many Nazi and SS relics. I mostly date Asian women and some of them I’ve dated had an interest in Nazism. Especially Japanese or Korean and some Chinese. The Nazi chic fashion trend is pretty big right now. Even though I date Asian women mostly, it would be nice to find my own fraulein of my own heritage…hard to find 🙂

  14. I would love to meet this girl. She sounds so hot. I don’t care for Jews either, they are disgusting.
    I love Asian women and would love to have a hot Asian Nazi friend.

  15. I dated a Hot Nazi girl from Thailand for years. She was the hottest girl on the planet and said I was the BEST she had ever done it with. Then she found out I was from a Orthodox Jewish family and she ended it 🙁 Oh well..

  16. I’m a very un-PC Chinese-American anarchist, and the one white man I dated had about the same reaction. Although Nazis are a bit loopy, mostly it’s just that you people are social democrat fuckwits who live in the post-Christian psycho-religion of egalitarianism.
    Are people equal?
    Are dogs equal?
    ‘Nuff said.

  17. Wrong. Japanese were trying to force Koreans as part of Japanese society so in a sense, Koreans were honorary Aryan’s. It was like when nazis tried to intergrate non-German countries that were occupied during ww2 to adapt to a German society except for the Jews, Slavs and gypsies that were there.

  18. Oh I dated an English man who turned out to be a Nazi, he was a racist, had a small hitler shrine on his wall and some replica uniforms, and loved pretending to be heinrich himmler. He was an older man, and I found out he had done a lot of hard core drugs and other questionable activities in his younger years. He was also a manslut and I found out he slept with many women without protection. Women who were junkies and had a high risk of contracting disease. I ended up ending things, he wasnt very attractive and he had a volatile personality and some mental problems. He was a weirdo and also kind of a pedo. He appeared so nice and normal at the beginning, but alas their true colours always eventually come out. He used to say a lot of bigoted things towards blacks and jews too, using racial slurs and even asians werent safe from his crappy verbatim. He was a jobless middle aged man with no education and he lived in a bedsit. Says a lot.

  19. 1. You are an uneducated moron…or you intentionally wrote this outrageous post to attack the Koreans and other Asians and of course the nazis as usual.

    The nazis, the original nazis WERE NOT RACIST! They were racialist.It’s a big difference!
    Yes, many people are still unaware of the meaning of this word “racialism” due to the jewish lies.


    This “nazis were racist and evil murderers” bullshit is a fat jewish lie just as their six million lie and their other falsehoods. All of their ridiculous lies WERE EXPOSED AND DEBUNKED! 🙂

    It’s time to wake the fuck up, people! And I’m talking to the non jews of course…


    Fortunately, there are still many asian people too who know the truth about Hitler, that he was a true hero, the greatest leader. He was the only one who was really fighting against the parasitic jews, this racial maffia group who has been destroying and dehumanizing the gentile (non jewish) people for 6000 years! Hitler and the nazis knew well all the dangerous jewish programs, like christianity and communism, the two death programs which destroyed millions of people…
    Hitler wanted to stop these enemy programs too.


    I’m glad that more and more people wake up and learning the facts about the nazism and about Hitler. And more and more people are realizing the jewish lies and crimes.

    More about the jewish crimes and lies:


    So SHAME ON YOU! The biggest racist and supremacist people are the jews in this world. Anyone who has a double digit IQ can realize this fact if read their filthy bible or their talmud and the protocols of zion…

    First, you – and the other ignorant people too – should learn the facts and educate yourself about the real history, about the truth, instead of spreading evil lies, disgusting jewish fabrications and other useless crap.

  20. The korean nazi girl you dated was CORRECT about the jews and all the other things she said. This girl was not only hot but also smart too. Beautiful people tend to be smarter. Jews control the schools and the media, as well as everything else that can give them power and wealth. You are brainwashed. You are ignorant about jews. Your head is full of jewish lies and programming. Also jews are the most extreme racists in human history and they created communism to enslave humanity. It makes me sick to see brainwashed & ignorant people like yourself act like it’s immoral to be a nazi. The nazis were heroes who fought jews and jewish communism. The nazis defended western and northern Europe from communism. Jews are a race of evil & satanic criminals.

  21. You yourself admitted in your article that Jews own and control Hollywood completely, and yet you act like this girl was immoral and crazy for believing Jews are a big problem. Jews use the movies to brainwash and influence the public all over the world and you’re too much of a poitically correct jackass to see anything wrong with that. That girl was right and you’re an idiot.