San Francisco Indie Fest concludes this week, including one more screening of a truly indie film for which I had the pleasure of co-writing the screenplay, SUPERPOWERLESS, directed and conceived by Duane Andersen. The first screening was a lot of fun. The second screening is this Wednesday evening at Alamo Drafthouse in the Mission, which is also the movie theater I’m committed to seeing the premieres of the STAR WARS sequels/prequels at for the next 5-6 or however many years. 

A few supernifty factoids about SUPERPOWERLESS: 

– The title was inspired by a song written by Gaby Alter and me for our rock musical theater company Emerald Rain Productions, back in the day, for a show that was a lot about superheroes.

 – It is not a super-spinoff of the TV show POWERLESS. Also, there aren’t any mutants, Avengers, or fancy space battles in it, but there are many beautiful shots of actual San Francisco and the East Bay.

 – Duane has produced a number of films including SURROGATE VALENTINE and DAYLIGHT SAVINGS (both featuring Goh Nakamura) well-known around the Asian American film festival circles. This film is his feature directorial super-debut.

 – H.P. Mendoza is in it, playing, of all things, a costumed vigilante. (A super one.)

 – It is the second feature film I’ve done script work on that has the word “SUPER-” in the title. So I guess the thing I’m trying to get across is, I’m superfinding a niche.

Photos from SF Indiefest courtesy of Rommi Linnik.