An unfortunate incident involving racial slurs abruptly interrupted a political event in San Francisco this weekend, reports KRON, but calmer heads have prevailed.

San Francisco Mayoral candidate Jane Kim was speaking at an event in San Francisco’s Fillmore District, a neighborhood that was once largely African Americans, but has been hit with Black flight largely caused by gentrification and San Francisco’s expensive housing prices.

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  1. Uncle Chans like the chinamen and chinadolls you have here at yomyomf will always excuse racism against Asians by the Black community. This isn’t an “unfortunate” event. This is racism. Learn what that is. This is a massive problem. You won’t even print the particular slur used.

  2. @flaneury

    Chinamen is not the preferred nomenclature; Asian American, please.

    Also, it is not ‘racism’, because racism = racial prejudice + power, and Black people in a white supremacist nation do not have structural and institutional power to enforce their racial prejudices. It is anti-Asian bigotry, and both Malcolm X and Yuri Kochiyama are frowning right about now.

    More info here: http://sjwiki.org/wiki/Prejudice_plus_power

  3. flaneury is a Russian troll, no need to engage with this “comrade”