As some of you may know, I travel quite a bit for my job. I like to pack light, or at least with only a carry-on because I’ve had situations where my check-in luggage has been lost (three times already with Air France aka Air “Chance”). I even wrote about how to pack for a 10 day trip with one carry-on. It must’ve been eons ago…

Now, there are many techniques to packing light. For me, I roll all of my clothes into compact balls and stack or wedge them together in my bag. For my friend, on the other hand, he basically wears all his clothes in layers and peels one layer off (from the inside) every day. He can sometimes wear up to 4 layers of clothes.

I can’t do that, because no matter what temperature it is outside, I’m constantly sweating. I’m a sweat hog. So, I’m always looking for nifty ways to repack my clothes.

In fact, I’m about to head out to the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy (film fest dispatch coming soon) and am packing now. But, I read online that it is quite cold and rainy, so how do I fit everything in, including a windbreaker, sweater and maybe a raincoat? Go to Youtube, of course, where there is a bevy of “how to pack” videos. Check out this guy’s amazing tutorial.Great technique! I’m going to repack my carry-on right now.


  1. Sucks for you if TSA asks to look in your bag.

  2. that is so incredible to pack, I think that I will see this video every time you have to travel, excellent class.. jejje lol

  3. That’s pretty amazing.

    Here’s a guy who writes about a minimalist life, less is more, etc. Here’s how he and his kid’s pack for a 3 week trip. It’s a bit insane…