Next month our blog will turn nine months old. And it was around this time a year ago when we first started seriously discussing the idea for what would eventually become YOMYOMF. Those meetings consisted of long dinners (food always seems to be a part of everything we do) where we would address questions about what we wanted the blog to be: Since we were all Asian Americans involved in entertainments/arts, should we restrict our blogs to that topic? Did we want to give readers the option of being able to leave comments or not? (What if people write mean things and make us cry?) What should we call ourselves? (Sung came up with the “Offenders” designation)

Eventually we decided our blog should reflect its true origins: friends/colleagues getting together over a meal and chewing the fat on any subject under the sun. YOMYOMF was born as the online equivalent of that very thing—a chance for us to virtually hang out, talk about whatever was on our minds and try to amuse/entertain ourselves. So, when we launched, we didn’t make any sort of public announcement. There was no pr or marketing. No fanfare. One day we simply got the site up, started blogging and maybe told a few friends about it. Our only real goal, if you can even call it that, was to create a community in an “organic” way. We didn’t want it to feel forced or calculated. We figured if there were other like-minded people out there, they would find us and join our virtual community. If not, our community would consist solely of us Offenders and that was fine too. Hell, we have plenty to keep each other endlessly amused.

But as the weeks and months passed, it was clear that a community was emerging that went beyond just our circle of friends (though we love our friends and hope they will continue reading until they die or go blind). Our numbers were consistently climbing. People were finding us. True, some of them were logging on mistaking this as a Megan Fox jack-off site, but we were building a loyal readership nonetheless. My fellow Offender Justin describes our site as a mom-and-pop shop and that’s as good an analogy as any. It really felt like we were winning over customers one at a time by trying to provide the best personalized service that we could.

And now less than a year later, I’m amazed not just at how many people visit our site on a daily basis but also the quality of our readership. We have some really cool readers and I have to say it’s still pretty exciting every time a comment appears on a blog I’ve written. I don’t even mind the ones that say “Go back to China and eat shit and die!” I’m just glad someone’s reading and took the time to leave a comment. 

Now, I’ve often wondered how you, our readers, found this blog. So I thought I’d put the question out there to all of you—how did you first discover YOMYOMF? It would be awesome if you’d be kind enough to share your story in the comments section below and indulge my curiosity.

Oh, and one last word on this topic—I’m particularly fascinated by the keywords people use to search and find our site. On any given day when I check our analytics, I’ll see the craziest search words and have no idea how those words could direct people to our blog. I particularly love the sex-related keywords. Here are some of the searches that led folks to YOMYOMF in the past couple of weeks:

6 guys fuck at one time gay
how to fuck if your gay
fucking gays by the sea
i fuck my anti and my next antie help me
gazelle and a human are similar fucking
Todd Bridges molested

And here are our ten most popular search words ever, in case you were wondering (not including variations on http://youoffendmeyouoffendmyfamily.com/):

1. Maria Ozawa
2. Finishing The Game
3. Mannequin sex doll
4. Megan Fox
5. Hyeouk Chris Hahm
6. Erin Martin, Jeff Wong, Roger Fan
7. ipad maxi
8. Nemutan
9. “Grace Kim” Playboy
10. unicorn samurai


  1. i’m pretty sure i discovered YOMYOMF through a via post by lodestone grace..i must say i’ve been thoroughly enjoying the hilarious articles & pics..keep up the good work!

  2. I want to say that I might have accidentally discovered YOMYOMF on my own when I was surfing the web (just mindless linking) almost a year ago because it did seem “familiar” (deja vu) when recently joined Offender Iris announed to some of her friends not too long ago that she had joined your team. However, that old bookmark probably got “buried” among the other gazillion bookmarks I have and never actually get around to re-visit, so I have to thank her for “re-pointing” me to another place I can go to so I can stay up late.

    Thanks to all of the Offenders for sharing your stories and thoughts. I appreciate reading about the different experiences and POVs that you have each had in our parallel and sometimes intersecting journeys through life.

    Very Best Wishes to All!! 😀

  3. Hmm… that’s a good question. I know it has something to do with Facebook (aka, my only connection to the world). Most likely a repost from a friend. And like you said, there was no one telling me to read it or subscribe to it; It was purely the content that I ‘identified with’/’was entertained by’, enough to seek it out all on my own. So thank you, Philip, and the rest of the Offenders at YOMYOMF.

  4. No interesting story here. Anderson pimped it out to me at one of his get togethers

  5. Through a FB invite from Lodestone Grace. You guys soon overtook Brownstoner (a Brooklyn real estate blog) as my fave morning read. Happy 9-month birthday!

  6. I found out about this offensive website (ha!) when Angry Asian Man linked to it about Roger Fan’s Red Dawn casting story: http://www.angryasianman.com/2009/08/red-dawn-chinese-invaders-are-coming.html

    I then became a fan of the blog on Facebook. It’s recently moved into my daily reads of bookmarked sites.

  7. You guys started following me on Twitter one day, so I followed you back. The rest is beautiful RSS feed history.

  8. Same as John above: someone passed me the Angry link (that’s also, incidentally, how our own AA site got relatively huge exposure back in 2004): AAM has a lot of readers.

    It took me a few minutes to recall how I heard about you guys … it’s like you’ve always been here ….

  9. I have Sung Kang in my friends list on facebook and once he shared this link with us there. Since that time I read and enjoy all these great stories.
    Thank you very much for the blog! really like it!

  10. Definitely on Facebook and probably through Lodestone. Along with AAM, this is one of the few blogs I very much identify with and both get me through the day. Keep it up, everyone!

  11. In Aug of 2009 I was looking for updated blogs on Alive not Dead by Sung cause his old ones were so funny (especially the Gary Coleman Halloween)…and I saw a link to this blog and have been an avid reader ever since…

  12. Roger’s FB update on Red Dawn – get up, stand up!

  13. Go back to china and eat shit and die.

    Come on, you left it open. LOL

  14. Via Lodestone Grace (with occasional mentions on other Asian American oriented blogs)

  15. Racialicious. 😀

  16. I was looking for this porno where six gay guys and Todd Bridges bang Maria Ozawa. This came up as the 2nd hit.

    It wasn’t what I was looking for, but I stayed for the pleasing color scheme.

  17. It was Angry Asian man link to the Roger Fan story

  18. Time flies and all that! If YOMYOMF was a sperm you’d be a fully gestated baby by now. Like many others above, I found this via AAM’s link to Roger’s story about Red Dawn remake. Keep it unreal, you guys.

  19. Thru Justin’s FB postings. Great content here! Keep it up!

  20. An angry asian man told me about it

  21. i googled megan fox. and then i was like, whoa, my boy anson writes here!

  22. Love cinema. I like to google for movies, cast, producers… In Portugal we don’t have a great access to a wider variety of movies/documentaries, so I google… and come across great things like “Finishing the game”. You seem to be a fun lot, just discover you last week, hope you keep this blog. I can feel the love, sense of community, to belong… so I borough it by reading your blog. Not asian, black, white, just human…

  23. I googled “Manny Pacquiao” and was promptly KO’d by all the mad opinionated point-of-views posts. Good stuff, guys. Keep it comin’.

  24. discovered YOMYOMF through aimee lucas. you had a post about her and the GDragon controversy and aimee PMd it to bigbandgvips forum twitter, and so thats how i found out about the forum. was bored one night so read your past posts and OMG i cracked up so hard at some of your posts about the japanese. funniest crap ive read 😀 and so been dropping by this place everytime im bored since then hahaha

  25. I was linked to a site called Aznlover.com where I read part of Roger’s blog regarding his agents. It was such a personal read because I could feel the emotional subtexts behind the words (I bet a lot of us did).

    I think it’s great that you guys did this cuz the Asian-American community needs more unity and you guys have got some of the biggest voices.

  26. I was looking for sung’s blog and accidentally found YOMYOMF link,,read few interesting and very funny posts by Philip and the rest is history.

    I’ve been leaning on this blog to make me laugh through everyday horrible and endless job..

    Happy nine months anniversary..

  27. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories and for reading!

  28. Holla @ Unicorn Samurai.
    I stumbled upon this via WongFu’s Interpretations sketch. So glad I did, keep it up

  29. A year ago the publication of this article but for me yomyomf has been a recent discovery. I looked yomyomf after seeing the film finishing the game and since I read it every day. So they were joined by a reader from the Canary Islands.

  30. It was either FB or Lodestone Grace, definitely not the scary Ms. Fox! Hard to resist clicking on something called “You Offend Me You Offend My Family”, and you guys deliver!

  31. I can’t completely remember….it was either what Dawn said (Sung started blogging at alivenotdead.com and then put a link to this one) or I just checked the old website for Finishing the Game.

    No matter which it was, I LOVE this blog. If I had more free time, I’d be over here every day.

    The Finishing the Game tour in 2007 was a hugely formative experience in my life–as a writer, an aspiring filmmaker, a wife, a mother, a person. It was so great to meet Roger, Elaine, Sung, and Justin, but not being able to travel to the West Coast, I have not seen any of you in person since ’07. This blog allows me a window into what’s going on with you all, as well as some new friends. It’s also hilarious and a real escape from my daily grind, and the organic growth pattern keeps it authentic. So thanks, Moms and Pops, for doing what you’re doing. Hugs from far away in Cincinnati! And if you ever swing through my town, you’d better come visit me!