Students at Elder High School in Ohio taunted Asian and black basketball players from rival St. Xavier High School with racist chants and comments during a game last Friday.

At one point, students told Nate Stockman, a multiracial Asian American player, to “Go back to China” and “Open your eyes,” according to his mother, Susan Stockman. In a video from the game, Elder’s students can also be heard chanting “P.F. Chang’s” at Nate and yelling “USA, USA.”

Bobby Jefferson, a black player, heard Elder students refer to him as smoking crack and being “on welfare” among other racist statements.

The taunts allegedly went on for more than half the game until St. Xavier’s coach forced the referees to act.

In a press release, Elder principal Kurt Ruffing apologized for the incident and said that “Elder High School sincerely apologizes for the remarks made by its student section and for the severe lack of respect displayed by its students toward the St. Xavier basketball team, its coaching staff, the opposing student section, and all the fans, family members, and alumni of both schools. This type of behavior is not condoned at Elder, nor is it indicative of the lessons taught and learned in our classrooms, hallways, and on our fields of play, and it will not be tolerated.”