UPDATE: Looks like the video has finally been removed.

Sadly examples of “blackface” in Asian film or TV shows are more common than they should be in 2017. The latest example comes courtesy of South Korean comedy show LAUGHING LEGEND MATCH (웃찾사 레전드 매치) which aired a skit featuring a character in blackface yesterday (watch and cringe above).

The plot involves a girl who tries to convince her family that she can be a comedian and it somehow ends up in a weird LA LA LAND/LION KING mash-up where our protagonist ends up dancing to the “Circle of Life” in full-on blackface:


The show has rightly been called out for its racist bullshit by many netizens:

But the fact that this is still something we need to call out in this day and age is fucked-up.

So to all my Asian peeps, can we finally cut out the blackface bullshit once and for all?