Tomorrow is Election Day here in the United States so if you’re eligible to vote and haven’t done so, remember to get your butts to the polls before they close.

And an additional reminder as we get through the mid-terms and look toward the future, YOMYOMF will be teaming up with UNAVSA (The Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations) on the 2020 Project–a nationwide initiative to register 100,000 Asian Pacific American voters between now and the 2020 elections.  The 2020 Project will be divided into teams in three geographical regions–West Coats, East Coast, and Middle America–and you can join one of those teams to help register as many voters in that region.

But in the meantime to help kick things off for tomorrow’s elections, we have three influencers representing each of those regions: BLACK LIGHTNING’s Chantal Thuy (East Coast), Wong Fu’s Benson Quach (West Coast), and CRUSH THE SKULL’s Chris Dinh (Middle America) explaining #WhyIVote.

Check out their videos below as well as CRAZY RICH ASIANS’ Constance Wu and Jimmy O. Yang asking you to vote above.

Click here to get involved with the 2020 Project. We’ll be rolling out various campaigns and programs over the next two years and we need your support. More updates to come!

What’s up everyone! I am partnering with UNAVSA and YOMYOMF representing Team West Coast for the 2020 Project. Our goal is to register 100,000 APIs by the 2020 Elections. Asians are the fastest growing minority group in the US, but also have the lowest voter registration percentage by race. We’ve seen a lot of positive Asian American Representation in the media this past year, but now it’s time for our voices to be heard behind the scenes as well. If you have that mail-in ballot sitting around, you still have time to fill it out and mail it in, or set time aside on November 6th to head to your nearest voting booth. Let me know in the comments why you’re voting in the midterms this year and be sure to use the hashtags: #APIvoices #whyIvote #2020project #TeamWestCoast #TeamMiddleAmerica #TeamEastCoast

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