Hawaii governor David Ige (Image via OVERNORHAWAIIGOV)

Hawaii is now the first (though most likely not the last) U.S. state to pass environmental measures adhering to the Paris climate agreement following President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out from the agreement.

Gov. David Ige signed two bills into law–Senate Bill 559 and House Bill 1578–to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to target more environmentally friendly agricultural methods.

“Truly, in this day and age, it is time for states and governors to lead,” Ige told reporters before signing the bills on Tuesday. “Hawaii’s natural environment is under threat. Climate change is real, regardless of what others say. Hawaii is seeing the impacts, first hand.”


  1. I guess you will enjoy paying extra taxes for a global climate change that will never happen. Here in Ontario, Canada the Green Energy Bill, has cost taxpayers millions of dollars only to pocket the politicians. My hydro bill for a 860 sq ft condo went from $20.00 a month to over $95.00 a month. Good luck Hawaii. The politicians will thank you.