In his recent documentary THE PROBLEM WITH APU, Indian American comedian Hari Kondabolu explored the issues that he and other South Asians have with the character of Apu on THE SIMPSONS.

Apu is voiced by white actor Hank Azaria and Azaria recently told TMZ that the SIMPSONS writers and producers were thinking about what to do about Apu in light of the doc shining a light on the stereotypical and offensive nature of the character.

Unsurprisingly, one person who has an opinion on Apu’s fate is Kondabolu himself. But what might be surprising to hear is that the one thing Kondabolu doesn’t want is to see Apu killed off.

In a tweet, Kondabolu wrote: To @TheSimpsons Writers: Please do NOT remove Apu from The Simpsons. Killing him is lazy writing & an insult to the show’s legacy. Let him be upwardly mobile & own multiple Qwik E Marts. Let his kids talk. Plots have been repeating for years & tweaks provide tons of new stories.