(Photo: Meron Menghistab/Vulture)

Vulture’s E. Alex Jung hung out with CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND’s Josh Chan himself, actor Vincent Rodriguez III, and the two talked about everything from how Rodriguez went from being a “bit player” to starring as the romantic male lead in a network TV series to “coming out” publicly on Instagram:

Stepping into the lead role on a network show, of course, means more attention, and for Rodriguez that’s meant how to answer questions about his personal life. Almost two years ago, pre–Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, he proposed to his husband, Gregory Wright, who he had known for over five years. Given the show’s success, he was faced with the question of whether he should publicly come out. Rodriguez chose to do it quietly, acknowledging his relationship as a fact of his life, rather than something he had been hiding (which is true: Instagram stalkers can find the two together in posts before he became a known quantity). Last August, he “came out” in an Instagram post of himself with his partner on the California Screamin’ Ride at Disneyland where he proposed, writing, “What better way to celebrate your one year wedding anniversary than going to Disneyland for the weekend?!”

“We had conversations about it,” Rodriguez recalls. “What it boils down to is: I have to live my life. I have to be a human being, and I’m not just an actor. I’m also a husband. I have a responsibility to be authentic to him as well.” He adds, “We need to live our lives and not be apologetic for being our authentic selves. That’s the message our show has, and that’s the message I’ve been trying to live my whole life.”

For now, that means keeping up with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which has been picked up for a third season. “I feel like a kid in a candy store right now because every time I go to work, I’m always learning something new,” he says. Rodriguez is most comfortable with musical-theater dance, but throughout his run on the show, he’s had to do martial-arts send-ups and boy-band stylings. And Rodriguez is nothing if not determined. During the dance class earlier that day, he wanted to take a hip-hop class because it would throw him out of his comfort zone. For two hours, he learned a routine choreographed to Ludacris’s verse in Snoop Dogg’s “You Got What I Want.” Rodriguez had a knack for picking up moves and throwing his body into the dance step with enough conviction that, even if he didn’t quite know the move at the beginning, he got it in the end.


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