Angora rabbits.  How come I didn’t know these existed until today?  Where have these photos been all my life?





  1. So precious…. On a semi-related note did you hear about the poor kitten that was wraped in duct tape by a 19 year old prick simply because it was in his yard- If I had my way we would wrap this kid in duct tape naked, taking care to make sure all his pubes were adhered to the tape and slowly pull it off without anesthesia… Sorry I went to the dark place there…

  2. i think the photo is that of an electrocuted cat

  3. Oh my god. I want to adopt them and shake them to make them fluffier!

  4. It’s like a Japanese mascot come to life.

  5. Dawn, I hadn’t heard about that. Poor kitten.

    I still never get tired of these photos, just like I never get tired of that giant rabbit photo. Love google images.

  6. Am i the only one slightly frightened by those rabbits!?
    I damn well no if i saw one id crap myself lol!! =)

  7. would you, Stacey? I think I’d try to slip my feet into a couple, and wear them around the house.

  8. …overweight Tribbles.