If the fact that our planet is logging recording breaking heat this summer isn’t enough to convince you that climate change is real, let me offer up further proof:

It’s a matcha green tea “shokuhin sanpuru” (食品サンプル), which is plastic food displays found outside Japanese restaurants to show potential customers what their food looks like. This one is from a Nagoya cafe and as you can see, the extreme heat has melted it.

And while you may be thinking “so some plastic melted, what’s the big deal?” Apparently in Japan, it was a big deal where the images of the melted plastic went viral:

And even made the news:

This tragic melting happened during a two day stretch when the temperature reached close to 104 degrees Fahrenheit in Nagoya and the temperatures inside the glass case where the plastic food is kept reached 140 degrees.

And if that ain’t proof enough that the earth is in deep trouble, I don’t know what else to say.