So Getty Images misidentified THE LAST JEDI’s Kelly Marie Tran as U.S. Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu and vice versa on the Oscars red carpet Sunday night.

They finally issued an apology on Monday and managed to even mess that up:

So not only do all Asians look alike, but apparently their names sound alike too. “Tran”, “Tan”–it’s all the same.

Here’s the full apology with corrections made:

“Getty Images sincerely apologizes for the images of Kelly Marie Tran that incorrectly identified her as Olympian Mirai Nagasu and was licensed by customers who trusted the accuracy of the caption information.

“Getty Images holds itself to a high standard of editorial integrity and has robust measures in place to ensure our content ingestion process upholds these standards. We, like all news agencies, regret when these measures fail to capture an error.

“We distribute the work of a number of excellent image partners who are also covering major events such as The Oscars and as soon as the caption error was brought to our attention, the caption was amended and the correct images provided to our customers.

“We apologize to Ms Tran and Ms Nagasu for this error and meant no disrespect.”


  1. Could be their spell check changed it to “Tan”. Sort of like your article misspelled Lupita Nyong’o as “Wyong’o” even after it was corrected four times…?

  2. I think it’s doubtful, in the Getty’s case, they have multiple editors to proof and when I checked spellcheck was fine with “Tran”