A hateful and racist text message has been circulating around social media, where a white guy starts to shit on Asian men when he is rejected for a date with a German girl who has an Asian boyfriend.

This was found on Reddit via the creepyPMs via Canadian Reddit user  UmaiUmamiUnagi which was later also shared by user effortlessnetinho on the subreddit hapas. The text is pretty disgusting and it shows the racism which occurs in the whole dating world, particularly in interracial circles. Just read the text message yourself and you will see where it is problematic:

So it seems okay for now…. very normal:

It then starts to get a little hot and heavy with the anger, and the white dude comes across as a desperado:

Then here the racist bullshit starts:

And here is racist psycho mode:

And here is racist psycho mode to the Asian boyfriend:

LMAO, and here is how the Reddit threads responded:

Enough said, racist white dude was rejected and butt hurt.

H/T NextShark