In November last year, we reported on the tragic case of a Chinese international student studying architecture in Germany who was lured to a German couple’s apartment, severely raped, murdered and her body discarded in the bushes, all whilst she was out for a jog. She was only 25 years old. Here is our post on this from last year. 

The fucked up POS couple are 21 year old Sebastian F. and Xenia I ( these are the names that were used ) received lengthy jail sentences last Friday for this sadistic and sick crime. However, I do not think the sentences are long enough really. Sebastian F. received a life sentence which is around 15 years and his partner at the time Xenia I receiving a juvenile sentence of five years and six months. Both were also ordered to pay 60,000 euros ($71,300) for the pain and suffering of the victim’s parents.

The Shanghiist continues this report:

After friends in Germany and China alerted the authorities that she was missing, police organized a search for the woman, who was from the eastern province of Henan. Her corpse was found two days later.

An autopsy found she had suffered blows to the head, torso and extremities.

After news of the murder spread, hundreds of Chinese students and local residents held a rally in Li’s memory to demand justice.

The couple was arrested two weeks after the crime and went on trial last November.

Xenia I. had admitted in testimony that she had lured the young woman, who was jogging in town, to the empty flat under false pretenses and was present while Sebastian F. raped her.

But she denied taking part in the abuse that led to the student’s death.

Beyond the shock at the brutality of the crime, the case also caused controversy in Germany and China because the mother and stepfather of Sebastian F. are both police officers.

Sebastian F. is also accused of at least one further rape committed in the summer of 2013 in Dessau which only came to light in the course of the investigation.

Again, this case highlights the dangers our fellow Chinese international student sisters and brothers are subjected to. They are viewed as easy targets and targets of opportunity because of the hate, fear mongering and racism that is out there. Seriously this needs to stop. Li went through so much fear, pain and suffering with these 2 POS sucking an innocent life away. How can 15 years and a juvenile detention sentence be enough? It is absolutely peanuts – WTF?!?!

Anyways, I will leave my rant here. Let us know what y’all think.

Images via Shanghaiist

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