Another apparent case of domestic violence which has ended up in a murder. 24 year old Frederick Tran has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend, 23 year old Ariana Hatami at her home in Daly City. Ariana was a student at San Francisco State University and was found beaten to death in her home 2 weeks before the start of 2017.

SF Gate has made some comparisons to this murder case to one which happened 2 years ago where San Francisco social services employee Ruby Gim died at the hands her abusive partner in 2014. Where their ages are completely different, Ruby was 65, whereas Ariana was only 23, both dies in similar circumstances meaning they were both victims of domestic violence. And where Frederick is still under suspicion, I would assume the police had enough evidence to arrest him, so let’s see how this all pans out.

Anyways, SF Gate reports:

Officials at San Mateo County’s Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse, a domestic abuse treatment center that advocates for victims, noted on Wednesday the “tricky dynamic” that comes with handling domestic violence cases.

“Each case is often unique in its own right,” said Melissa Lukin, executive director of the organization. “The constant is that oftentimes the victims are not aware of the degree of danger they’re in even if they have a temporary restraining order.”

Tran appeared in San Mateo County Superior Court in Redwood City on Tuesday, where he pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and violating a restraining, protective, or stay away order, among other counts, according to the San Mateo County district attorney’s office.

In Hatami’s case, she met Tran when they both worked at a Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco, according to prosecutors. In June 2016, Tran vandalized her car after an argument. Things escalated in August 2016, when prosecutors say Tran struck Hatami in the face twice.

Daly City police responded and obtained an emergency protective order mandating that Tran, a San Francisco resident, stay away from Hatami, and he was charged with and convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence.

On Dec. 15, two days before Hatami’s death, Tran, back in jail for a probation violation, was bailed out on $25,000 bond. He reconnected with Hatami a day later and persuaded her to let him stay one night at her apartment, officials said.

Then, around 1:20 a.m. on Dec. 17, he allegedly killed her while she slept, repeatedly hitting her with a bottle. Her roommates heard the attack and held Tran as they called police.

Sgt. Ron Harrison, a Daly City Police Department spokesman, said the details of Hatami’s death fit a pattern of domestic violence that officers often see.

One in 4 women and 1 in 7 men experience domestic violence in San Mateo County, according to Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse.

This is absolutely sad, and as I have stated time and time again, Asian women are increasingly being victims of domestic violence. It saddens me to write about this, but the reason I do is to highlight how significant the issue is. As I have stated in my opinion piece, this culture needs to change and we are all responsible for changing it.

Image via SF Gate

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