This is so disturbing and it shows how as women our safety gets jeopardized by men, and in this case someone who we are all meant to trust – a gynecologist. Gynecologist George Tyndall was formerly the gynecologist at the student health clinic at USC (University of Southern California). He has been there for around 30 years. Former students ( many who have been identified as Asian American women) have no come forward publicly to talk about the inappropriate behavior displayed by Tyndall when he did his exams on them. Chelsea Wu is one of those who have recounted her traumatic experiences. This is what she told the LA Times:

When Chelsea Wu walked into Dr. George Tyndall’s exam room at USC’s student health clinic, she was 19 and, in her own words, “naive.” The sophomore had never seen a doctor without her parents by her side and had never been to a gynecologist.

“I was blindly trusting of doctors. I pretty much followed whatever they say,” Wu recalled.

During the 2016 appointment, Tyndall asked prying questions about her sex life, showed prolonged interest in her Chinese heritage and made comments about the tone of her pelvic muscle as he thrust his fingers inside her, Wu said.

Still, Wu shrugged off the experience until she read The Times’ article Tuesday detailing how the university received years of reports about inappropriate behavior by Tyndall before quietly forcing him out last summer.

“I thought it was normal. Being so young, I didn’t have a framework for what was acceptable,” said Wu, who received an undergraduate degree last year and will attend USC’s Gould School of Law in the fall.

This is extremely disturbing and not only is he a predator but he also sees no value in women and in this case Asian women, referring to Wu’s Chinese heritage. Many former students who have been to that clinic over the past 30 years are now reassessing their experiences with Tyndall with the LA Times stating that a dozen have echoed similar sentiments to what Wu has stated. Colleagues at USC who knew Tyndall also stated that he had a preference for Chinese students, which again shows to me that he is a sick and perverted predator. Typical for predatory white men with yellow fever. Here is another one:

An attorney who attended USC for her undergraduate and law degrees from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s said she saw Tyndall about three times a year while she studied there. She spoke on the condition of anonymity and said the physician, her first regular gynecologist, often made lewd remarks.

During frequent breast exams, he commented on the attractiveness of her slender body, squeezed her nipples and compared her favorably to his wife, who was also Asian.

“He’d tell me, ‘You have nice full breasts,'” she recounted. “He’d say, ‘Not every Asian has nice big breasts.'”

There are more accounts if you read the LA Times article, which shows the magnitude of this sexual misconduct ( which I say is abuse). We go to see gynecologists for our health and we trust the gynecologists in examining our private areas. To be victims of sexual misconduct really diminishes our agency and really places the importance of the #METOO movement. The school has since made a public apology, but victims feel that this is just words. The medical board has also deemed that Tyndall’s conduct was outside the scope of his job. 

No word has come as to any legal action, but I would say this is coming. Tyndall has since resigned from his role and has defended himself stating his comments were misinterpreted… really?? really?? Sick MOFO. 

Images via the LA Times

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