Wow, this is the year 2016, right? TV personality Jennifer Murphy, a former beauty queen and APPRENTICE contestant, performed a song a few months ago at the “Pink Carpet Launch Party” for her company, Jennifer Murphy Beds. The song she sings is an original tune called “I Want To Be Neenja,” which becomes an Orientalist narrative that starts with her singing about some adversary named “Chow,” and goes on with Jennifer on an epic Kane from KUNG FU-like martial arts quest, with full on “ching-chong” accent that we haven’t heard since Mickey Rooney’s racist caricature of Mr. Yunioshi in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S.

This video, which has been taken down from Murphy’s YouTube channel, but has been streaming all over the Internet and pushed into the limelight from internet obscurity by a recent Reddit thread, is beyond cringe-worthy, but I do want to point out four things about this video:

  • The song is super long. Like, the songwriter put in a lot of thought to come up with this racist bullshit. Plus, you can tell Murphy rehearsed a great deal to perform this dreck. Plus, as she continues to sing, it gets more and more racist, and she’s owning all of it, like she’s singing on Broadway during a production of MISS SAIGON or something. It’s truly unbelievable.
  • Check out the Asian lady’s expression, who’s standing next to Murphy. She looks like the only Asian in the audience and her facial expressions are priceless. You can see it come from being innocuous to containing her disdain to just awkward uncomfort for all the Asian mocking for being RIGHT THERE, and also wondering when this racist shit song is going to stop.
  • How is this song a promo for murphy beds? Is she making a connection that murphy beds, which can be folded into a wall, is like a ninja? OK, I guess I get that, but c’mon racially ignorant white lady who probably yells “All Lives Matter” whenever #BLM is discussed.
  • Murphy takes the extra racist step to spell out ninja as NEENJA, emphasizing on the ching-chong accent. Wow.

Can you imagine how that Asian woman felt, probably shrinking smaller and smaller and her peripheral vision of people looking at her, while Murphy gleefully sings along?

Wait, just remind me again — It’s 2016, right?