I was tagged in a Twitter post with this video of FARINA BEHM, who is an avid YouTuber and former Miss Germany finalist. Her video is quite triggering in terms of what she is discussing – and that is the RACISM, sexism and death threats she and her German Korean boyfriend (Dong-in) have received, all because they are an item. She states in her video most of the harassment and threats have come from white men – many of whom are white supremacists and neo Nazis. Really, I am personally not surprised, and I have over the past heard a lot of similar stories to this. One thing which many people forget is that we live in such a globalised society and interracial couplings are bound to happen. Sadly we know all to well that white racists do not care, as long as they can double down and bully anyone who is not white. In addition, white racists, particularly men are also very sexist, so it is not surprising at all that Behm has been on the receiving end of so much bullshit.

I watched the video, and will offer my observations after I quote some of the stuff from which Behm stated her and her boyfriend Dong-in receive:

* “I was called several funny terms… One frequently used term was race traitor. I don’t know, I just can’t take it seriously.”
* “Someone also told me to find myself a real man, because, according to them, Asian men apparently aren’t real men.”
* “He even found my business mail address and sent me mails there, like 20 mails a day. Mainly they were about describing how he wants to torture and kill us.”

Other things which were received by the couple was comparing her (Third Reich) to Dong-in (dog eaters), insinuating that she has stopped to the lower level. Essentially she has been labeled a race traitor to the white race and him emasculated and labeled as not a real man. Its pretty clear that these type of attacks come from privileged white men, who are just butt-hurt and have no respect for women and have any semblance of humanity.

Now here are my observations on all this:

* This shit is wrong regardless of genders and races. No one should have to take so much racism, sexism and threats. I feel for Behm and Dong-in having been on the sharp end of online abuse and harassment. I can’t imagine how compromised they both feel in terms of safety and their privacy. They are in love, let them be and let them be happy. From checking out all their pictures, its clear that they are happy and in love.

* Germany is a racist nation – by history (Nazis Germany etc) and in the present time. I know a number of German Asians (both women and men) and they have told me about the shit they have to face. It is the country of where “neo Nazis” are most prominent and there is still a sense of “white supremacy” there. For German Asians I must say, I feel for them. I feel for Behm and her boyfriend, and acknowledge that if she wasn’t in a relationship with him she would not get any racism, but for Dong-in he would get it regardless of whether he is in a relationship with her or not.

*Certain people (white racists, sexists, MRAs, misogynists of all races) are taking the opportunity to weaponise this couple’s harassment, as an attempt to diminish a real problem that women, including Asian women, face harassment for being in interracial relationships.

* I am not trying to ignore that Asian men are being harassed and abused with their non-Asian partners, because that is not what I am trying to say, but in both examples – the divisions and debate on AF/WM, AM/WF, AF/XM, AM/XF, AM/XM and AF/XF it is always men who initiates the abuse.

* As a diaspora we need to be more open to interracial relationships and stick up for the Asian woman or Asian man who is in one – obviously if we know that the couple is in a healthy relationship free from fetishes and objectification. We also should not pin one type against another. There are both healthy interracial relationships and unhealthy ones.

* Behm, is a white woman and race wise she will always hold racial power in terms of her skin colour. Her choice for choosing an Asian man as her partner is the most racial abuse she will get – most of the racial anger will be targeted at him as an Asian.

Following my last observation, I will end with this quote which Behm stated which shows that she is cluing in to the racism which we Asians face:

“Of course I know that racism is out there, but I never really have been confronted with it. I just grew up thinking it’s self-evident that we’re all equal.”

Let us know what your thoughts are…