Another innocent death of a Chinese international student graduate. One might ask, why does this keep happening, specifically to Chinese students who travel abroad to study, and a lot of the time it is young Chinese women who are the victims. 22 year old Ying Huang, who is a university graduate, was found dead in a bathtub in an upscale apartment block in New York. The circumstances surrounding her death are shrouded in mystery, and police have questioned her former boyfriend over Huang’s death – but he has not been charged with any crime.

Huang’s body was found lifeless in an apartment on the 54th floor of the apartment block, and her parents flew from China to New York to meet with local authorities. Here is more from SCMP:

“Initially, they arrested him. Then the DA [district attorney] felt they wanted to wait until the autopsy was complete,” a police source was quoted as saying.

Huang was last seen partying with him on Wednesday night before they both went back to her apartment, according to surveillance camera footage from her building.

It also shows the man leaving her apartment two hours after entering.

Her former boyfriend told police they had been drinking that night, according to the source. Police arrived at the scene later on Thursday.

“They found the apartment in disarray and her on her right side in the bathtub, submerged under water with severe bruising,” the source told the newspaper.

What caused the bruising is currently unknown.

This makes you wonder, whether Huang is also a victim of domestic violence – I am not accusing her former boyfriend as no charges have been put against him, but it definitely makes you wonder. In 2017, China reports that over 600,000 Chinese students pursued their studies overseas, and it is also become a trend to hear about deaths of Chinese students over this time period. One must demand the question of why this is happening – I will probably talk more on this in my weekly piece later today.

I will definitely be following the updates on this case.

Images via SCMP

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